Hang @ DHCP broadcasting for IP.

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Topic: Hang @ DHCP broadcasting for IP.
started by: dante_uk

Posted by dante_uk on Mar. 06 2007,11:11
I'm trying DSL-N in Virtual-PC 2007 with view to doing a HD install on an old machine at home. ( I already use DSL on an old laptop as a live web server )

The problem is DSL-N hangs at boot time if I configure virtualPC with a network card. I saw the answer about entering the option at the boot screen to disable the dhcp lookup but now I've done a HD install and I picked Lilo :(

So now I'm stuck.
Is the cause of this problem know ?
Is it likely to happen on my home machine ?

NOTE: Booting the DSL with virtualPC works and DHCP works and gave me an IP address.

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