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started by: Juanito

Posted by Juanito on Mar. 11 2007,08:49
I saw Roberts had posted the following in the old DSL-N forum

The "legacy" boot code is dsl specific.
dsl-n is not dsl.
No such code exists or would even be needed.

In DSL I use two usb boot sticks - one with unc extensions and one with the legacy boot code and dsl extensions.

With the above in mind, is there a preferred extension type for DSL-N (resource limitations notwithstanding) or does it matter and why?

Posted by roberts on Mar. 11 2007,14:11
DSL-N is unionfs. There is no choice, no mkwritable, no legacy boot option. Using such is ignored. Therefore the difference between unc, uci versus dsl and tar.gz is ram usage which is dramatic.

The biggest issue with extensions on DSL-N is that of trying to run DSL/Gtk1 extensions on DSL-N which does not have the full Gtk1 libraries. DSL-N is Gtk2 based. Hence many DSL extensions will not work. Many expected the entire repository of DSL extensions to work on DSL-N.

Posted by Juanito on Mar. 11 2007,16:45
Thanks - that clears that up.

The only time I've noticed a requirement for gtk it was gtk2 so I should be in good shape :)

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