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Topic: DSL-N RC4 Missing programs?
started by: bookman761

Posted by bookman761 on Mar. 19 2007,01:48

I have booted up the latest DSL-N RC4 without any problems. But when I try to click on firefox, dillo, or other icons on desktop. Nothing happens.

I am missing something?

BTW, the PDF viewer and the Paint program run fine.


Posted by Mortimar on Mar. 29 2007,16:53
Hi bookman761,

I had have the same Problems while booting DSL-N-RC4 from Usb-Stick.
After a Frugal-Grub-Install nearly everithing went fine. Then you just have three Icons on Desktop (ATerminall, DSLPanel, MyDSL) but a large and good Startmenu.


Posted by zeF on April 10 2007,05:23
I'm experiencing same problem.
nothing works!!!

anyone have any idea?

Posted by Juanito on April 10 2007,05:50
I'm using rc4 from a USB stick without problems - the 3 desktop icons work (ATerminal, DSLPanel, MyDSL) as do all of the right-click menu items.

Firefox and Dillo are not in DSL-N rc4 so I'm a little confused about this point?

Posted by roberts on April 10 2007,13:58
It is likely that they are restoring a DSL backup onto DSL-N, as the icons that are mentioned could only come from DSL and those associated applications are not in DSL-N.

DSL-N is Not an extension of DSL, in fact the N stands for Not as DSL-N is Not DSL.

They should boot DSL-N with the base norestore options to eliminate this mixing of the two.

Posted by zeF on April 10 2007,15:46
If "restore" option is not selected, does the DSL-N save the changes?  Which is one of my most concern.
It does create the ramdisk as the DSL does, runs from there right?
Where can I find some documentations about the DSL-N.
Homepage has almost no further information about the OS.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by roberts on April 10 2007,16:30
DSL-N uses the same backup/restore mechanism as DSL. Both name their backup file backup.tar.gz. Therefore it is a common mistake to restore a DSL backup onto DSL-N.

If you are going to be booting both then you should use the manually specified option restore=hdxy and keep the two backup.tar.gz files separate as one could easily overwrite the other.

It has been suggested to name the DSL-N backup file something other then backup.tar.gz.

I only suggest the base norestore option to ensure a clean pristine boot to start using DSL-N. Where you choose to place your backup file after this initial boot is, of course, up to you.

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