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started by: pi13

Posted by pi13 on Mar. 25 2007,07:08
Hi, I did a big mistake and I really need your help although I'm conscious that DSL-N is for 'at your own risk' use and that it's not your problem.

I'm on Ubuntu 6.10 and I downloaded the file dsl-n-01RC4.iso from this server < >
I burnt it on a CD, restarted my computer and booted from CD. DSL-N appears. All I want is to make my USB key bootable with DSL-N so I browse the right click menu and I choose install on USB HD. Terminal appears with the installation program. The problem is that I installed it on my main HD which was sda. Stupid big mistake, I should never install anything like that at night when I'm sleepy.

Result: Now my sda's sda1 partition is formated in FAT32 with the boot flag. Altought, the size of it that is used (65 GB on 110GB) give me no doubts that all my data is still there (also the fact that it took 15 seconds to install DSL-N).

My goal now is to access my data, burn it, and then reformat my whole HD and start over again with Ubuntu. Right now if I mount sda1 I see all the DSL-N files and nothing else, but I know everything is still there.

So that's where you guys can help me. Is there a way I can access my data back?

This is extremely important data for me and your help would be more than appreciated. Thank you.

Posted by pi13 on Mar. 26 2007,00:22
I just found an incredible software called Testdisk. I think that's the solution to my problem.
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