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started by: andrewphoto

Posted by andrewphoto on Mar. 27 2007,20:13
Hello everybody hope you're having fun.

I got a 1280x768 LCD TFT.
I read DSL wiki Vga=xxx
I did Xvesa -listmodes
I see 1280x768x16
hex to dec
vga=890 ?
not work.

I do .xserverrc 1280x768x16 (1024x768x16 before)
Now SeaMonkey does not fill the screen (goes across about 7/8 from the right,) BUT my web-site is still stretched?

Also after editing .xserverrc I now do not have the mounting gui in the bottom left corner, nor the stats in the top right hand.

Please help?


I drag & drop SeaMonkey & it does fill the screen, however my web-site is still stretched.
In Debian Etch I have 1280x768 in xorg.conf, and my web-site is not stretched.

Posted by Juanito on Mar. 28 2007,10:07
You could try XFree86 (if you didn't already) - if things work with xorg, they would likely with that...
Posted by durbnpoisn on Mar. 28 2007,19:54
I've seen that before...  It's like XVesa fails to detect the capabilities of some video cards.  Either that, or whatever driver it chooses to use simply doesn't support all color depths at all resolutions.

//No help...

Posted by andrewphoto on Mar. 28 2007,20:52
Thanks for positive replies guys.

PC is EPIA-ME6000.
I can live with the stretched image & let my brain adapt.
If you work with a view camera (those gigantic things with a black sheet over your head,) the image on the glass plate is upside down but the brain quickly changes that, just as we watch widescreen TV!

XFree86 not in the DSL-N repository (yet!) & of course I hope DSL-N continues.

Best Wishes, AndyP.

Posted by andrewb on Mar. 29 2007,01:57
If you use vga=890 you need to select the framebuffer (xfbdev - NOT xvesa) when running xsetup.sh. The modes specified on the vga=xxx page are for use with the framebuffer.
Posted by Juanito on Mar. 29 2007,02:21
The XFree86 in the DSL repository works with DSL-N on my machine.
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