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Topic: wget command (not specific to DSL-N
started by: durbnpoisn

Posted by durbnpoisn on April 04 2007,18:41
Following the link provided in another thread, to download the ISO for DSL-N rc4...  I found the file, ssh'd into the box I wanted to download it to, and ran a wget to try to retrieve it.  (That's a lot easier than downloading it somewhere else and then copying it over...)

For whatever reason, I get:
Connecting to distro.ibiblio.org[]:80
wget: bad header line: 500 GET not understood

as a response.  I can use that command to download any files there except for the ISO.

Anyone know why that is?

(I know I always have the option of downloading it through the browser...  But since I'm not home, I was hoping to do this remotely.)

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