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started by: JNeuhoff

Posted by JNeuhoff on April 05 2007,11:29
What is the best way to extend DSL-N with 3rd party packages? I know there are some extensions available via the MyDSL (at least for the 2.4 kernel based DSL, I assume there will be something similar for DSL-N?).

But is there also an easy way to use the dpkg/apt-get tools to add extra packages to DSL-N and then to re-create a new bootable image?

Posted by Juanito on April 05 2007,12:12
The is a DSL-N repository < here >. You could also try the DSL extensions but it is not certain that they will work.

There is a work-around for apt-get under the post "apt-g" in the now defunct DSL-N forum < here >. This works fine for me.

I have not gone as far as compiling a new image in DSL-N, but I have built some modules using the 2.6.12 kernel sources.

Posted by JNeuhoff on April 05 2007,16:12
Thank you for your help, I'll take a look at it.
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