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started by: kdarkentity

Posted by kdarkentity on April 04 2007,19:17
I have dsl-n on my usb drive and I am having trouble restoring files i downloaded after rebooting into dsl-n...any suggestions?
Posted by torp on April 04 2007,19:39
where are you putting them? saving them to the ramdisk isn't going to help you much....


Posted by Juanito on April 05 2007,03:50
I guess this post needs moving to the DSL-N section?

On my USB stick installation of DSL-N rc4 , the boot partition mounts as /cdrom and is read-only, even for root. This may mean that if you only have one partition, the backup will not work.

You could try creating a second partition and setting the backup/restore to work from there.

Posted by kdarkentity on April 05 2007,18:47
where should i be putting the files i download and yes i have two partitions on my usb drive
Posted by Juanito on April 05 2007,19:42
Assuming the boot partition is sda1, you could either:

1. Set up back/restore to sda2 via the control panel.

2. Use emelFM to copy them to (say) /mnt/sda2/download

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