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started by: yodelaye

Posted by yodelaye on April 18 2007,19:19

What a pity all these videos, we dsl user can not watch in our internet browser.
I Tried to find something for this.

mozplugger is a plugin for firefox family browser to allow them playing embedded video using mplayer

I tried to turn it into a .dsl  my dsl extension.

1> downloaded .deb packages from debian
    according to mozplugger doc it also uses m4

2> unpacked them using the dpkg utility provided in the mydsl repos.
dpkg-deb -X foo.deb ./tmp

3> ah ah there are only a few files !
- a config file to be copied in /etc
- 2 bin files for /usr/bin
- and the plugin file :
 shall be copied in the existing /usr/seamonkey/plugins directory  instead of the directory planed in the .deb package

4> created a /usr/seamonkey/plugins in ./tmp and moved the file in

5> created the .dsl file
   took me some efforts to find it but .dsl files are no more than compressed file which can be packed/unpacked using tar
   tar -zcf my_new_mydsl_extension.dsl *

6>moved the created mozplugger.....dsl in a convenient place
   and loaded it using the myDSL extension loader (local)

7> et voila ...

8> results
    > not working in every cases, especially bloody win media player streams still not readable
    > quicktime trailers from apple website readable  :p !
    > as i also have realplayer installed the streams requiring real are also readable
    > no icons/button neither keyboard shortcut to forward/backward in the video

9> config can be edited in mozpluggerrc file
    the modified file shall be then stored in the .dsl archive

Well, this is were you, experienced linux users are welcome to help if you have any hints to improve or any easier way to get this video streaming issue solved another way

NB :
I use the mplayer which comes with DSL-N
I also use the codeckpack.dsl form the mydsl repos

file can be tested from here :

Posted by yodelaye on April 19 2007,19:09
Ah benh alors Jean Pierre, t es con ou quoi !

Forgot the mplayerplug-in.dsl which was provided in mydsl repos.
it is dedicated to DSL so a little work is necessary to change the directory structure in the archive to have it work for seamonkey

1> unpacked the mplayerplug-in.dsl
2> moved the plugin files
 from /usr/opt/.firefox.......
 to /usr/seamonkey/plugins

3> repacked
4> et voila

the file mplayerplug-in_4_DSL-N.tgz is
available here

I was able to watch real quicktime and wmp streams
(real trough the realplayer, not mplayer)

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