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Topic: iconbar mode?
started by: taiko

Posted by taiko on April 20 2007,17:12
Currently my fluxbox toolbar displays the currently focused window's name in the iconbar but I would like it to display the names of all windows in the current workspace.  This is set via iconbar mode which is supposed to be available via a right-click in the toolbar but does not show up.  I was hoping I could set this property somewhere, but didn't know if this version of fluxbox (the version packaged with DSL-n) has support for iconbar modes.  Does anyone here know?  Thanks.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 20 2007,17:18
If it doesn't, it's probably the same as the one included in DSL.  Check and see if the fluxbox mydsl extension works for you on DSL-N.
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