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started by: iplayfast

Posted by iplayfast on May 18 2007,17:24
I use gentoo linux on my main pc, and am using DSL-N for a robotics application. Part of this application involves a web camera.

The robot has 512K of memory and an SDCard, (no hard disk), using a mini-itx motherboard.

How can I add the spca5xx-LE  kernal module to the DSL-N USB hard drive.

I'm thinking of using my main computer to do the compiling but I'm open to suggestions.

Posted by WDef on May 19 2007,23:36
The best environment on which to compile for dsl-n is the DVD version of its knoppix motherdisk, which contains full kernel sources and lots of headers etc.

Download  knoppix_v4.0.2-DVD-2005-09-23-EN from

When compiling kernel modules you must compile against preared kernel sources that exactly match the kernel you will be using, and the version of gcc must also match the gcc versioon with which the kernel was compiled.  If you break these rules the module might even appear to insert and work, but very bad things can happen  ...

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