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started by: fluppet

Posted by fluppet on June 15 2007,12:38
In case anyone wants to install DSL-N directly to HD as a frugal install from the .iso file, here is what I did:

(Note that you will need an existing Linux installation to do this... I used DSL)
I also assume that you have GRUB already installed

You will need to run some commands preceeded by sudo (eg. sudo mount ...)

1. Download the latest DSL-N .iso file
2. Go to some directory (eg. your home directory)
3. mkdir dsl_temp
4. mount -o loop Desktop/dsl-n*.iso dsl_temp #Change this line to point to your dsl-n download - In this example it is in Desktop/
5. copy linux and minirt.gz from dsl_temp (they may be in a subfolder of this, I can't remember) to wherever you nomally keep your kernel, etc. (it's /boot for me)
6. copy KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX from dsl_temp to wherever you want to load the DSL-N image from (for me it is hdb2, so the location of the KNOPPIX file is /dev/hdb2/KNOPPIX/NKNOPPIX as I already have the DSL KNOPPIX file there, so I added an N in front of the DSL-N one)
7. Edit your GRUB menu.lst (for me this is located in /boot/grub)
8. Enter the following lines as a new boot option (down near the bottom of the file):

title DSL-N
root (hd1,0)
kernel /linux root=/dev/hdb2 base norestore knoppix_name=NKNOPPIX
initrd /minirt.gz

You will probably need to edit it to suit your situation. This says that it will find the linux and minirt.gz files in hdb1 (or hd(1,0) in GRUB's way of saying it) and tells it not to load any myDSL or restore files (so that it doesn't conflict with my existing DSL installation - you don't need this if you don't already have DSL installed) and it tells it that the KNOPPIX file is actually called NKNOPPIX (if you left it as KNOPPIX you can leave out the knoppix_name=... bit)

That's all! It should work now. Just reboot and select DSL-N at the GRUB menu. I hope it goes well for you :)

Later you may want to add more boot codes, such as toram, frugal, etc.

Posted by curaga on June 16 2007,07:56
That's frugal, not HD install..

But still good

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