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started by: billrg

Posted by billrg on July 04 2007,01:06
I just installed my DSL-N this past weekend (7/1/07).

I have a Netgear Wireless G card WG511 V2 installed which is recognized by the system (I used ndiswrapper).  When I configure my access point to no encryption I can connect and surf.  However, I don't know enough about Linux to know how to configure the card for WPA.  I've tried several searches on Google without any luck.  Can anyone point me to the WPA configuration tools available on DSL-N?


Posted by billrg on July 10 2007,12:23
For the record, I bailed.

What I needed was wpa_supplicant.  I could not find an RPM that would work for my kernel so I packed it in and installed DSL.  That has wpa_supplicant built in.  Now I can use the card and just need to put the startup configuration in my init file.


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