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Topic: Thanks! and DSL-N in other languages?
started by: Xavi

Posted by Xavi on Jan. 27 2008,10:20

First of all, I'd like to thank you to make DSL and DSL-N possible. It's great to be able to use a very small linux distribution to power old computers, or small usb, or live CD's leaving some more space for other things in the CD.

After that, I'd like to know how to use DSL-N in other languages different than English (I couldn't find that in the current Wiki nor in this current DSL-N forums)



Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 27 2008,19:07
There was an Italian translation posted a while back... not too sure about anything else though.

See testing/traduz_ita_3.1RC1.dsl

(you might have some trouble if you require unicode or the like though)

Posted by Xavi on Jan. 28 2008,13:05
Ok, thanks, and how to proceed in order to produce my own translation files for Spanish, for instance?

I tried searching for .deb packages using synaptic in an installed on disk version of "dsl-n live CD", but I couldn't find packages for Spanish language... (however, there are many in current versions of Debian...)

I managed doing something like that with Slax (based on slackware), seting the interface, keyboard, and default language to Spanish or Catalan (with KDE), but I'd love to do that with DSL-N, which is the best option for a minimalistic Live-CD... Then, I would be able to use it (and promote my students at university) to use it on their old computers at home, or wherever...

Any hints?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 28 2008,17:27
Well, I suppose it depends on where you need a translation on.  If it's the menu, the DSL lua scripts, etc. that Italian extension can show you an example of which files you could edit.

You'd probably have to translate it manually though (unless you want to try a computerized translation) since these files are (mostly?) unique to DSL.

Posted by Xavi on Jan. 29 2008,19:02
Ok, thanks. I thought there could be a way to install some .deb packages for my own language (so that firefox, abiword, etc., can be in my own language... beyond just simply and manually translating the menus...).
Is that possible and easy?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 29 2008,19:30
If you just need a certain application with that language, and it is already available in it, you can try installing with their packages.  For example, I have seen the "es" version of OpenOffice2 submitted to MyDSL.  For the most part, it's different from changing the DSL specific menus, scripts, etc.
Posted by Onyarian on Jan. 29 2008,20:18
Kuky have make spanish uci's extensions from OpenOffice, Firefox and Thunderbird.
It's possible to make changes in Abiword and Ted to have a spanish versions and with correctors.
Finally Fabio have made a translation from jwm and fluxbox menus.
There is also a file called .acentos in conjuntion with .xinitrc to have other spanish accents, you can modify it to have catalanish accents.
All this is for DSL, but I think you can utilize some of them in DSL-N.

Posted by Xavi on Jan. 30 2008,08:28
Thanks for feedback! (yes, I'm specially interested in DSL-N version). I'll see if I can manange to make the catalan version (what I'm really interested in, I was just asking about the spanish version as example) with the little time I can get from time to time. thanks again for feedback!

Maybe the i18n process of dsl and dsl-n is something that should go to DSL-Wiki? (I couldn't find it there...). If I succeed myself (with my time constrains), I'll do my best to report howto do it in dsl-n wiki...

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