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started by: iplayfast

Posted by iplayfast on April 02 2008,05:47
I've bought one of the mini-itx boards, with a DSL flash card drive in it.  It's ok, but I need newer drivers to handle web cams.
I'd like to use DSL-N, but I don't think even it is new enough. Has all activity on DSL-N stopped, or is it just in hiding?

Posted by Juanito on April 02 2008,07:50
Some people are still using dsl-n (like me), but I believe the numbers are quite low. You probably could compile your web cam driver on dsl-n, but be aware that most of the forum posts and mydsl extensions address dsl (2.4.x) needs

Work is on-going on a new 2.6.x version of dsl, but it is perhaps too early for a release date yet.

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