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started by: WDef

Posted by WDef on Aug. 12 2008,11:23
I didn't realize this but apparently it has been legal for a couple of years to redistribute sun java with linux distros:

< >

Haven't read the fine print.

Previously I'd been reading the license that comes with JRE and it seemed to imply that Sun Java can be redistributed only for development purposes or something.

If it is indeed legal then I'll post a jre-1.6 extension for use with java-based apps such as Azureus or Frostwire (though not with the Firefox versions available for dsl - they don't like jre-1.6).

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 12 2008,17:16
The jre has been open-source for a while (under gpl3 iirc), so that link is a tad outdated :P
Posted by WDef on Aug. 12 2008,19:12
Have they open sourced all of the JRE?  I knew they open sourced parts of Java ...

Anyway hard to keep up with all these new fangled 2006 turns of events ;=)

Posted by curaga on Aug. 13 2008,12:18
Most, so it's usable and Ubuntu is using openJDK now..
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