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started by: John

Posted by John on Feb. 07 2006,07:35
There have been lots of bug fixes and some enhancements to existing applications.

Here is the list of changes:
1. Updated dmix - added sync button for easy volume control
2. Updated Wallpaper.lua now has color chooser for background color
3. Updated pcitable to correctly support Broadcom b44 module
4. New extension check upon exit, will remind/allow user to save extensions downloaded to ramdisk before shutdown
5. Updated French keymaps
6. For maximum hardware support on older computers, kernel and modules were changed back to 2.4.26 including legacy scsi and zipdrive support
7. calcoo replaces xcalc
8. Updated and Enhanced index.html for Money websever
9. USB 2.0 boot time detection added to isolinux version
10. New waitusb boot time option
11. Updated mkfloppy - now prompts for device
12. Qemu version now supports boot time UCI loading
13. Ted help/manual now off loaded to current/documentation section of the download site
14. General cleanup of some unused directories and libraries, and modules

Much thanks to Robert for all the coding, and to the community for all the great feedback and bug hunting.

Posted by john712 on Feb. 07 2006,13:32
DSL has come such a long way in such a short period of time. With this latest release I finally decided to toss Windows and switch full time to DSL as my operating system of choice. It does everything I need and in my humble opinion is very stable.

Thank you to the entire DSL team and community for providing such a great operating system!


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Posted by clivesay on Feb. 07 2006,18:44
John/Robert -

Did ltmodem support get backported to this release for the 2.4.26 kernel?

Posted by plinej on Feb. 07 2006,19:32
I can't get this release to recognize my usb hard drive at all. All the other dsl releases with the 2.4.26 kernel I had to use the noapic boot cheatcode for it to be recognized but no dice this time. I tried the new waitusb cheatcode too (together with noapic and without). I guess I'll have to stick with 2.1b since it works pretty good with my laptop but I'm really looking forward to the release with the 2.6 kernel.
Posted by roberts on Feb. 07 2006,20:38
Did ltmodem support get backported to this release for the 2.4.26 kernel?

Yes, ltmodem works the same way as before.

I can't get this release to recognize my usb hard drive at all
It is the same kernel and modules, no change there from  the last 2.4.26 DSL v1.5. What is interesting is that the prior 2.4.26 versions, including v1.5 cdrom did not include ehci-hcd module upon booting. One had to use the usb boot floppy. This release calls the ehci-hcd module in the same fashion that 2.1b during the boot process.. You may want to try the noapic cheat code or possibly pci=bios

Posted by doobit on Feb. 07 2006,20:52
Congratulations on yet another outstanding release! Everyone, please seed the torrent!

< http://www.tlm-project.org/public/distributions/damnsmall/current/ >

Posted by doobit on Feb. 08 2006,03:37
Actually, I'm having some trouble with that one. Does anyone have a working torrent?
Posted by plinej on Feb. 08 2006,03:52

< http://linuxtracker.org/torrents-details.php?id=1413 >

Posted by roberts on Feb. 09 2006,22:20
A "b" cut of dsl is now posted: dsl-2.2b

This version addresses the USB booting issue on some computers.

This adjustment only affects the isolinux version, dsl-2.2b.iso and
the vmx version dsl-2.2b-vmx.zip  It does not apply to the other versions of dsl v2.2.

The change is the order in which USB modules are loaded at boot time.
If you are currently having issues booting USB pendrives then try this version.
John and I have tested this and the new order seems to provide both USB2.0 and
when not available USB1.1 on a wide range of computers.

Posted by andrewb on Feb. 09 2006,22:49
Can someone please post a list of files that need to be updated in persistent home directories, or that will be overwritten by the backup/restore process. It may be useful to provide such info in future as a file stored with the release. e.g. dsl-2.2b-update_files or some such with a list of the files that need to be copied over from e.g. /etc/skel
Posted by doobit on Feb. 10 2006,00:26
Anyone have a torrent for 2.2b ?
Posted by FRANZ on Feb. 10 2006,14:20
Is it possible add SiS "evil" hd controller on 2.3 ? :)
Posted by Guest on Feb. 12 2006,08:42
We need support for silicon breasts!!!
Posted by andrewb on Feb. 12 2006,22:51

Two features/bugs to report:

1.  ALT+Left Click+Drag doesn't work in JWM to move a window by clicking on any point in the window. This is a vital facility with smaller laptop displays (e.g. Toshiba Libretto - 480 vertical lines). Another vote against including JWM if this is not trivial to fix. Though it uses marginally less resources than Fluxbox, it is useless when the windows can't be moved to see/access buttons (the Find applet in R2.x is a prime example of an applet made useless under JWM because of this - both the application bar & the buttons are off the visible area of a Libretto screen).

2. Dmix: Great applet, BUT.... for systems such as the Toshiba Libretto that use 2 mixers (/dev/mixer & /dev/mixer1) to control all of the sound system, some of the controls don't work. For my Libretto 100CT the main volume, bass & treble are mapped through /dev/mixer1. For Umix to control these it needs to specify the device to use (e.g. 'umix -d /dev/mixer1 vol 50' to change the master volume). With the 'old' wmix control it was relatively simple to start a second wmix dockapp to control the 2nd mixer channel, but with Dmix/umix this doesn't seem so easy. Looking at the script for Dmix I suspect a note needs to be made of which mixer channel the different audio features are linked to & issue the necessary '-d' directive for umix when devices not on the first channel are to be changed (umix appears to default to the first /dev/mixer if none is specified).

The /tmp/.umix file (output of umix -q) lists all the audio devices with two lines listing the mixers used, one at the top of the file & one further down the file. The audio devices below the 2nd mixer line are accessed through the 2nd mixer.e.g. mine from memory looks like:

MS Sound System (Crystal CS8xxx) /dev/mixer
pcm  50:50 Stereo
cd    30:30 Stereo
mic   20:20 Recordable
mixer  30:30 Recordable
Yamaha OPL3SA-3 /dev/mixer1
vol  20:20
bass  0:0
treble  100:100

The vol, bass & treble are controlled by 'umix -d /dev/mixer1 bass 34:34' type commands. I've tried starting Dmix from Aterm & watching the output there as I change things. Attempting to change the vol, bass, or treble gives an error saying the channel cannot be found. The can be adjusted only using the CLI.

If I can find the time & an easy guide to the scripting language I'm willing to have a go at altering the Dmix script to cope with this - would be a good learning excercise. If anyone can see another way round this please let me know.

I'll post my /tmp/.umix when I can.

EDIT: 15/02/06 - Here is the .umixrc file:

MS Sound System (CS4231)::/dev/mixer::OSS
synth       32: 32 Stereo
pcm         50: 50 Stereo
speaker     21: 21 Mono  
line        21: 21 Stereo Recordable
mic         16: 16 Stereo Record Source
cd          32: 32 Stereo Recordable
mix          0:  0 Mono   Recordable
igain       75: 75 Stereo
Yamaha OPL3-SA3::/dev/mixer1::OSS
vol         50: 50 Stereo
bass         0:  0 Stereo
treble       0:  0 Stereo
mic         50: 50 Mono  
dig1         0:  0 Stereo

Looking at the source code for umix it might be better to recompile that to always use the correct mixer. This would make the mute button, for one, on the DMIX panel easier to implement in situations where more than one mixer device is present.

Recompilation could also remove the default of trying to run then ncurses interface whenever the '-d' option is used - this may be the source of the many errors noted by another forum member in the multimedia topic.[B][/B]

Posted by ubl on Feb. 15 2006,00:22
Thanks, this looks like the same problem I"m having with live recording on my machine.
Posted by Multitudes on Feb. 17 2006,13:07

I have a thinkpad t42 and I want to use WLAN.

How can I configure WLAN running DSL 2.2b?

The madwifi.dsl is compiled for the newer, now abandoned kernel.

Thanks to the forum in advance.


Posted by doobit on Feb. 17 2006,16:41
The older madwifi modules are already compiled into the 2.4.26 kernel. If you watch the verbage on bootup with your card pluggined in, you should see them load. You will need to use iwconfig in the DSLpanel to set it up.
Posted by Multitudes on Feb. 17 2006,19:23
The WLAN interface in a thinkpad t42 is a mini pci card I believe, so it's always plugged in.

I can "see" the adaptor if I run lspci.
How can I enable the interface and load the driver?
iwconfig is not showing this interface.


Posted by doobit on Feb. 17 2006,19:50
I'm not at my machine at the moment, but I believe you may want to modprobe ath_pci.o which is the primary driver with wlan.o as a dependancy. Here is the link to the discussion we had when we went to the 2.4.31 kernel:

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....26;st=5 >

You may also need to

ifconfig ath0 up
pump -i ath0

Also, Ndiswrapper worked for some Atheros based cards using the Windows 2000 driver or the one found on the Ndiswrapper developement site.

Posted by vsa on Feb. 20 2006,17:50
I have problem with serial mouse in COM1. Under Windows98SE working correctly. Under DSL (boot from CD) is visible only mouse cursor in centre screen but mouse no response.

DSL 2.2b.iso on PC Amd486-P75-133MHz, 64MB RAM, Genius mouse Dear in COM1.

'ls -l /dev/mouse'  = no such file or directory
'cat .xserverrc' = exec /usr/bin/X11/Xvesa -mouse /dev/ttyS0 -screen -1024x768x32 -shadow -nolisten tcp -I &>dev/null

Have You any idea ?

Posted by Knucklehead101 on Feb. 21 2006,00:44
Where is there going ot be a release with the 2.6 Kernel... My Intel Pro Wireless 2915ABG card needs 2.6 to be able to run.
Posted by cbagger01 on Feb. 21 2006,04:55
COM1 is usually /dev/ttyS0

but is not always so.

Try some of the other ports, maybe it will work.  Boot with

dsl xsetup

and try some choices.

Posted by Knucklehead101 on Feb. 21 2006,05:15
Ok, I will try that.

My friend had FBSD installed on here and I think that he upgraded the firmware for FBSD...   Would that make the card inop in DSL??

Posted by vsa on Feb. 21 2006,11:41
I tried another Genius serial mouse 2 and second with 3 buttons bud still doesnt work.

I tried /dev/ttyS0 - 3. (My PC have only COM1 - 3F8 and COM2 2F8).

I think that is bug in DSL.

Posted by andrewb on Feb. 21 2006,22:13
Have you checked what ports are being found during booting?

Either boot without the 'quiet' option or run dmesg in a terminal once booted. As your mouse isn't working you'll need to exit X with ctrl+alt+backspace, or boot to text mode (dsl 2 boot code).

You will see somewhere in the list of messages, whichever way you do it, something like:

ttyS00 at 0x03f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A

There may be more than one line like this if there are more ports on the system. Use the port numbers (e.g. ttyS00) in xsetup.

Posted by vsa on Feb. 22 2006,08:15
dmesg said only:
Detected PS/2 Mouse Port
"dmesg |grep tty" not found any tty ports (not found 3f8 or 16550 text).

I have motherboard ASUS with Award BIOS 4.51PG
in SETUp is "PS/2 mouse function control: Disabled", this motherboard heve only COM1 and 2 onboard connectors no PS/2. I test switch to "PS/2 mouse function control: Enabled" but mouse not working too. COM1 and COM2 are in SETUP Enabled and addres are 3F8, 2F8.

I thing this problem is in detection COM ports in DSL.

Posted by ugol on Feb. 22 2006,10:31
Hi everybody,
I had not understood that 2.2 was officially released because I was waiting for the announcement on distrowatch.
Just yesterday, browsing in the current directory of one of the mirrors for the download, I've seen that version 2.2 was there.

Please, add an announcement on distrowatch, otherwise somebody else could do my same mistake. I don't think I've missed the announcement.

Many thanks,

Posted by doobit on Feb. 22 2006,15:49
No, it was there. You just missed it. There were quite a few other releases soon afterward so it went off the page quickly. Here's the link:

< http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=03213#0 >

Posted by ugol on Feb. 24 2006,21:36
you're right and I was wrong.
Thus, I could do the remastering I planned.
Everything was fine, except the fact that I tried to do a "poor man's install" from a ZIP Iomega disk, by booting with the
dsl zipboot tohd=/dev/hda1

It didn't work, It answered that there was 0 bytes available on the disk (this was false) and it continued with a normal zipboot.
This was not a major problem, because I mounted the first partition of the disk and I copied over there the /cdrom/KNOPPIX directory with an usual cp command.
Should I expect that the
dsl zipboot tohd=/dev/hda1
option can't work?

In any case, I think it's good for you to know the result of this test.

DSL 2.2 looks to an excellent work!


Posted by doobit on Feb. 24 2006,21:40
You got the DSL-2.2b version right?
Posted by ugol on Feb. 24 2006,22:34
I worked with DSL 2.2b iso image and the bootfloppy.img file from the current directory.
I've first copied the KNOPPIX directory of my remastering from the CD (running on my laptop) to the ZIP disk, then I did the poor man install on my old PC as I have explained in my previous e-mail, starting from the boot floppy + the ZIP disk.


Posted by icpeanuts on Feb. 27 2006,03:15
What are the differences between 2.2, 2.2b 2.2-vmx? Thanks
Posted by roberts on Feb. 27 2006,07:37
Read the beginning of this thread
Posted by icpeanuts on Feb. 28 2006,02:01
Quote (roberts @ Feb. 27 2006,02:37)
Read the beginning of this thread

I read the Begining, it does not say what the difference is btw the different flavor of DSL.

I am new to linux and DSL. I find out the B flavor is for addressing issues with USB booting. am not sure what the VMX version means.


Posted by roberts on Feb. 28 2006,05:34
You must be looking for the < readme.txt >
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