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Topic: DSL 2.3 is out!
started by: John

Posted by John on Mar. 29 2006,07:26
Change Log for DSL v2.3
1. New auto mydsl. Auto scan for directory named mydsl will automatically load
2. New DSL natively booted can now recognize the Qemu virtual harddisk. Allows for
shared backup.
3. Upgraded Qemu to v0.8 for both Windows and Linux versions.
4. New background image (Saturn) to match current theme.
5. New check and prompt to save APSFILTER printer setup.
6. New check and prompt to save wireless setup.
7. New MyDSL is now a separate menu via a fluxbox [include]
8. New prompt when keyboard is changed while running X.
9. New usb pendrive installs now support "toram"
10. New faster dsl-embedded loading in Windows.
11. New theme and xmms skin
12. New boot floppy supports, fromusb, fromzip, frompcmcia (requires 2nd pcmcia
module floppy
13. Improved display of dock app dmix/mount tool.
14. Improved mount tool for cdrom access.
15. Updated Getting Started document.
16. Updated .xinitrc with another correction for better German keyboard support.
17. Fixed UCI loop counter during unmounts.
18. Fixed prims2.sh wep bug
19. Fixed boot options frugal and toram when used together would try to remount
20. Fixed pcmcia cis database.
21. Removed unused icon in dsl-embedded (Flwriter)

Posted by Mr. Ksoft on Mar. 29 2006,14:43
Very nice release.  I like the theme.

It runs nicely on LiveCD, but I did a USB-HDD install on my 256M keydrive and, on boot, it locks up at "finding CD-ROM at /dev/sda...".  How do I fix it?  I prefer a writable system over a read-only.

Posted by green on Mar. 29 2006,20:28
Woo Hoo!

Now if I could just find a fast mirror, and one that is current......

Posted by doobit on Mar. 29 2006,20:57
Try refreshing your browser! :;):
Posted by nobody on Mar. 30 2006,03:06
Just tried the embedded one on my usb drive : my nvidia nforce ethernet card doesn't work with this version :( Looks like the forcedeth drivers aren't there anymore. :(
Anyways, nice job overall.

P.S. I don't really like the new theme, but I just did a small .dsl to put almostX as my default theme :P Its just my tastes.

Posted by Onyarian on Mar. 30 2006,06:30
Two words:  GREAT, GREAT.

And thanks!!

Posted by andrewb on April 04 2006,03:56

Not sure where to post this, but here goes:

I posted earlier on problems with DMIX/UMIX on the Toshiba Libretto 100CT. The L100CT uses 2 mixer devices to control the sound system & as such dmix couldn't control bass, mono microphone (the one built into the PC), treble or master volume. I've now edited DMIX so it works for such systems. I've coded it generically so that it will work no matter what the device names used are, or how many there are in any one system.

This hasn't fixed the problem with the master volume in the slit as that is controlled by a direct call to UMIX. When I get time I'll have a go at some code  to get the slit app to work properly as well.

In the meantime where should I post / email the updated version of DMIX to?

Posted by roberts on April 04 2006,09:21
re: dmix, email the author, John.
Posted by Patrick on April 04 2006,12:40
Tried the final version of dsl 2.3 , the scroll button of my logitech mx-laser mouse doesn't scroll anymore (it used to work in earlier versions of dsl) It does however still works as a button. (clicking it gets the fluxbox menu)

For the rest it's all A-ok!  :D

Thx to you all for helping DSL become reality

PS: i just saw an article in a computer-magazine (CT) on DSL (and other bootable linux distro's that fit on a stick/cd..)  :)

< http://www.fnl.nl/ct-nl/ >
(dutch magazine)

PS: sorry i was to fast with my judgment, when i tried xsetup.sh i got the scroll to work!

Posted by doobit on April 04 2006,15:17
Seems like DSL-2.3 is the most solid version to date. It's got a lot of great features for a tiny distro and few, if any, real bugs. When will it be named DSL-3.0?
Posted by roberts on April 04 2006,15:37
Thanks, doobit. This is a very solid release.
I think allowing the community to pre-test the work that I am doing before an official release has been most helpful. Keeps me honest and the bugs to a minimum. I don't know about release numbers, I just keep on trucking with core infrasturure. I have finished the core for the new alternative version and am now back working on dsl v2.4

Posted by andrewb on April 05 2006,04:11
Just to add some more praise for DSL....

I have noticed VERY significant increases in battery life with DSL over W95/98/98SE - even with the NOP patch for W95. I have a battery which gives aound 45 minutes (if I'm lucky!)  use under Micro$oft OS's & I get well in excess of 2 hours out of the same battery under DSL. The heat generated is also much less. I can handle the PCMCIA cards after use with DSL, under the other OS's the cards are so hot they can barely be handled after use.

Not sure about the Saturn wallpaper. It looks good, but with icons on the left of the screen they aren't as clear as with the fractal movement wallpaper. Still who spends their time staring at the wallpaper. :)

Posted by Sef on April 05 2006,08:15
I am much more impressed with DSL 2.3 than 1.5, which was my last DSL distro to try.  I even managed to install it on an old Pentium II (Deschute) which 1.5 didn't work on. I do have one thing I am trying to solve: How to save to my floppy when using a word processor. < How to save to a floppy drive? >
Posted by chirilas on April 06 2006,03:16
i really liked the orange yellow elephant theme you guys had a while ago ... is there any way to get that on a newer version of DSL ? :P
Posted by Onyarian on April 06 2006,06:54
you can store the elefant style and background file from the old version into /home/dsl/.fluxbox/background and /home/dsl/.fluxbox/style from the new version. And then select it from the menu desktop style and background.

If you want, you can modify in the style file the line with the link to the background file with /home/dsl/.fluxbox/background/elefant, and now you only have to select in the menu the elefant style.

Posted by sheldonisaac on April 07 2006,14:05
Since I connect via dialup, getting DSL is a big deal.

I asked my friend if he'd get 2.3 for me, and he says yes.
(at present, I have 2.2b)

Just want to check whether there are any serious reasons not to get it?


Posted by doobit on April 07 2006,14:25
It's the most solid 2.4.26 based DSL to date.
Posted by -=terry=- on April 28 2006,02:03
Please include SATA support in v 2.4.  
I am using 2.1b in a pendrive and I am using it more and more. Solid, fast and has everything I need.
Thxs for your great work!

Posted by kerry on May 01 2006,21:54
DSl 2.3 is deffintly better than the current 2.4rc2 for me. I tried 2.4rc2 several times and keept getting that cpu spike issue. Since moving to 2.3 she's as solid as a rock. :D
Posted by nemo2005 on May 05 2006,10:00
Hi,  where is the link I can follow to download the DSL2.3?

Posted by kerry on May 06 2006,04:03
Here's the link-> < ftp://ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/distributions/damnsmall/current >
Posted by Del on May 06 2006,04:36
Little behind, but I just recently got next to a broadband connection again and finally updated DSL on my laptop. 2.3 rocks! Finally everything works like I want it to. Ndiswrapper no longer freezes the whole machine, X loads and works 94% of the time (instead of 60%), and as near as I can tell the ltmodem works. Groovy man. Thanks!
Posted by kerry on May 13 2006,12:24
Yeah, 2.3 is the best at this point. I've had to do some updates through apt-get to bring things up to par, but everything is working perfectly at this time. I tried to use the 2.4 version but it didn't work out, i'll wait for the next one.
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