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Topic: DSL v2.4 is out
started by: John

Posted by John on May 16 2006,04:53
Change Log for DSL v2.4
1. 64 cloops for UCI extensions.
2. "User"-less UCI now fully supported.
3. Added Tiny C compiler, tcc
4. Added rsync
5. Added Lua cgi library, cgi.lua with sample test.html/test.lua
6. New updated Ted wordprocessor with help from Ted's author.
7. New updated ndiswrapper v1.14.
8. Improved dmix and sound features, dual channel and save settings.
9. Improved man program - now uses Netrik text browser for display.
10. Adjustment in .xinitrc to better support foreign language keyboards.
11. More cleanup for space savings to accomodate upgraded software.

Robert and I hope you enjoy it!

Posted by andrewb on May 16 2006,05:38
Which files need to be updated to make the upgrade to 2.4?
Posted by roberts on May 16 2006,06:41
The only local file which might be involved in your backup is .xinitrc. But the change is only for non-US keyboards.
Posted by tawalker on May 16 2006,10:58
I have a flash drive frugal install of v2.3, and wondered what the easiest way is, to upgrade it to 2.4? Can I just use the "install to pen drive" entry in the menu and choose the 'upgrade' and 'from Web' options, or is there a 'better' way?

Many thanks - great job as always :) (Good to see rsync included in the new version!)


Posted by clivesay on May 16 2006,12:05
I usually just d/l the iso and unpack it and replace the KNOPPIX image and maybe minirt.gz and linux24.

After getting the iso just do a

Code Sample
mount dsl-2.4.iso /mnt/test -o loop

You'll find the iso unpacked in /mnt/test. Replace the files on your flash drive and you're upgraded!


Posted by roberts on May 16 2006,14:11
With frugal type installs, the install scripts upgrade option automates the process replacing the systems files of KNOPPIX, linux24 and minirt24.gz.
Posted by tawalker on May 17 2006,09:08
Thanks clivesay - I'll give it a try (whilst backing up the whole drive in case I need to restore it afterwards, of course...).

Would I also need to modify my .xinitrc file, as I use a UK keyboard? That falls under "non-US", if not quite "foreign language"  :D I say "modify", as my .xinitrc contains some 'customised' items, and I wouldn't want to lose these.

Thanks again,
Tim. :D

Posted by tawalker on May 17 2006,09:10
Ah - thanks roberts - just saw your reply too, and that sounds much easier :)

Would still like to know about the .xinitrc question - as a user of a UK keyboard, is it OK to leave the file as it is?


Posted by mikshaw on May 17 2006,15:44
It should be "ok" to keep your old file, but you might want to compare them just to see if an upgrade makes any improvement.  If your old .xinitrc no longer works, you can copy the new one from /etc/skel
Posted by dzubin on May 19 2006,15:13
Are there any MAJOR changes/fixes from 2.4RC2 to this final released version?   Now that gardening season is here, I'd like to avoid a few hours of re-installing if I don't absolutlely have to.
Posted by roberts on May 19 2006,15:27
The only difference for DSL v2.4 from RC2 to final is:

1. A bug was fixed in dmix

2. Net Man Pages, the man command which actually uses the net to fetch man pages, was changed from wget/less to netrik text browser.

Posted by bilbo_b on June 13 2006,09:50
Hello from Germany. I have installed DSL as an HD Install (No Frugal). I have a normal Linux like directory structure and no KNOPPIX File in my directory tree. Is there alsop an easy way for the Upgrade ? I would like to test my new WLAN Card with the new DSL....
Posted by MrBear37 on June 13 2006,12:38
Greetings all !

this - " With frugal type installs, the install scripts upgrade option automates the process replacing the systems files of KNOPPIX, linux24 and minirt24.gz. "

Does beg the question.. even for those of us who do use a HD install ( contrary to the tides ).. if it would not be a short jump from the frugal install to the HD install upgrade ?

Thanks !


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