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started by: John

Posted by John on June 06 2006,22:28
We are putting together a periodical web magazine with a main focus on the lighter side of Linux, but the topic base should be fairly loose.

If you are interested please check out:
< http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/writers-wanted.html >

Posted by humpty on June 08 2006,14:31
Is that 'lighter' as in 'funny ha-ha' or 'light weight ?'

If I already have a free angelfire account (http://petepr.hopto.org),
can I join Google's Adsense ? Or how would you arrange it ?

Posted by John on June 09 2006,20:22
Well, both really.
Posted by newby on July 01 2006,14:30
Yeah, I'm interested.

I get the purpose, content to have quoted with links back here, raises Google rank.

How do I go from here.

Posted by desnotes on July 01 2006,15:55
I would be interested in writing also. While most of my professional writing has been policies, procedures, work instructions, political, etc., I can also write with a focus on the lighter side.


Posted by newby on July 03 2006,18:55
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