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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Jan. 17 2007,16:49
DSL v3.2 is now released. Final Change log:

* Updated murgaLua to v0.3
* Updated sqlite to v3.3.10
* Updated madwifi-ng modules.
* Updated Broadcomm 10/100 module b44.o
* Updated busybox with >2GB file support.
* New Cron - A perl cron, with new boot option 'cron' and toggle from control panel.
* Added wpasupplicant for wireless security.
* New Mouse Config Lua GUI.
* Added default tone generator for XMMS.
* Added Resolution Selection to Rdesktop.lua
* New boot option "checkfs".  Usage: dsl 2 checkfs - for frugals: dsl 2 toram checkfs
* Simplified MyDSL structure using the level 1 default autoscanned /mydsl directory or user specified level one directory which contains extensions, and optionally the 'optional' subdirectory and/or a 'modules' subdirectory. Dropped now unneeded 'modules' boot time option and support for extensions at level 1.
* New mkmydsl - Simplified Custom iso maker now even easier than before and supports new MyDSL layout and works for both isolinux and syslinux CD versions. Also supports booting with toram or not. On low resource machines boot with:   dsl base norestore mydsl{=hdXY{/dirname}}
* Updated MyDSL to support direct downloading to all supported and mounted drives/directories.
* Improved MyDSL download via the Lua GUI - implemented server side parsing.
* Added volume setting to persist via .umix
* New allow boot option desktop=xxx to override backup.
* New alsa.unc and automated Alsa sound card detection.
* New dsl-dpkg.unc and adjustments to core.
* dsl2unc conversion script.
* Added default Netscape to call Firefox
* Added a default .desktop to /etc/skel for better hard drive support.
* Updated xsetup.sh to add .xserverrc to /etc/skel for better hard drive support.
* Fixed bad default X & Y for Aterm.lnk
* Fixed hard drive install permmision problem on /opt/.mydsl_dir
* For hard drive installs, perform regenerate ld.so.cache and modules.dep only upon first boot.
* Updated "Getting Started" with the new MyDSL simplified directory structure.
* Updated Qemu to 0.8.2, dropped 60MB virtual hard drive, Added qemu-img - read the new readme.txt!
* New dsl-pendrive.bat for Qemu to detect booted pendrive.
* Dropped Synaptic & Enable Apt from menus - use Synaptic and dsl-dpkg extensions.
* Dropped Update to GNU Utils from menu - use gnu-itils.unc or gnu-utils.dsl.
* Fixed Emelfm Superuser from menu.

Download from mirrors or Ibiblio found  < here >



Posted by roberts on Jan. 17 2007,16:56
Updated files that are likely in your backup.


Be sure to update these files.

Posted by Selim on Jan. 17 2007,19:00
Because the DSL v3.2 RC3 topic was closed i post this here:

I'm not sure but i think that because there is a /mydsl directory on my custom iso (Due to the added extensions) the autoscan feature doesn't look for another /mydsl directory. Am i right? If i am, is there a way to change that? (It is useful to have another /mydsl directory:
- to test extensions between 2 custom isos
- for *.unc and *.uci (these extensions make a live-cd always mounted)
- for extensions you want to keep on one computer only when using the live-cd for different computers)

P.S.: When a topic is closed your last message isn't sent by the Topic Tracker

Posted by roberts on Jan. 17 2007,19:17
You only get one autoscanned mydsl directory.
I have also provided named directories, which must be specified, e.g., mydsl=hda2/games
This is not a new feature and had been supported for a long time.
Using named directories one can setup a CD/frugal  which can be booted as several different setups, flavors. I introduced named directories for mydsl in version 1.2.

Posted by Selim on Jan. 17 2007,20:40
I prefer autoscanned mydsl directories to named directories because from a computer to another the hdXY part can change.
The problem with DSL v3.2 RC3 (And DSL v3.2?) is that when you make a custom iso with some extensions using mkmydsl then you can't use mydsl{=hdXY{/dirname}} (If you do the extensions in the custom iso aren't loaded at boot time only the ones in hdXY{/dirname} are. It wasn't the case with DSL v3.01).

Btw, it looks like you removed Busybox tar applet and wish from DSL.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 17 2007,21:05
The simplied mydsl directory structure was introduced in RC1.
We have had GNU tar for along time, the busybox tar was redundant.
Never had wish ( tcl/tk ?) in DSL.

Posted by Selim on Jan. 17 2007,22:28
Do you mean that with the simplied mydsl directory structure we have to choose between having extensions on a custom iso and using the mydsl= cheatcode when before we could use the 2 at the same time?

My bad for wish (It was installed by tkdvd.unc)

Posted by ripcrd6 on Jan. 18 2007,15:44
any changes between 3.2RC3 and 3.2?

I did a HDD install from the RC3 the other night and on the first run thru GRUB didn't install at all.  When I rebooted I got the grub that the other distro installed still.  I used a grub cmd line and got into DSL.  Torsmo reported that I was using a 2.6 kernel even.  I booted to CD again and install went fine.

Is it possible for DSL on install to scan the menu.lst from another installed instance of grub and copy settings?  

It may be asking too much as most people run DSL from CD, but it would be something to shoot for.  When I install Mepis it scans and sees grub already installed and adds entry for other distro to its list.  Ubuntu does this too.  you have to manually make changes to the menu later if you have multiple Linuxes installed and you get kernel updates, but by that time you have a bit more knowledge.    Just a thought.

I loved the Saturn wallpaper from a while back.  Any chance that a user could drop their favorite .jpg in /mydsl on custom CD and it would be used as background?  Just a cool idea I thought of.  I understand themes pkged as a .dsl would work, but I'm just talkin wallpaper only.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 18 2007,16:32
any changes between 3.2RC3 and 3.2?

Upgraded murgaLua to 0.3
Upgraded Sqlite to 3.3.10
Upgraded rdesktop.lua for resolution selection
Fix bug introduced during the 3.2RC cycle which prevented the CD from being ejected

Wallpapers and other personal choice settings can be stored in a myconfig.tar.gz and be restored just like any other mydsl extension. As such it can be on the custom CD giving the appearance of a full remaster.

RCs are work-in-process. I would never recommend to stay running an RC.

Posted by phiphi on Jan. 18 2007,18:08

If i make an HDinstall (lilo boot) with DSL3.2 the netcard eth0 is not recognised !!!
Same problem on an other type of PC.

If i boot from the cd DSL3.2 , netcard is OK.

HDinstall with DLS3.1 or lower on the same system is working fine concerning netcard.

Have you an idea ?

Thanks a lot

Posted by roberts on Jan. 18 2007,20:04
The only change in network area was the inclusion of a user contributed b44.o module. What module were you using in v3.1?
Posted by phiphi on Jan. 19 2007,13:54
Hi Roberts,

I work with an recent industrial biscuit PC board with a standard Realtek RTL-8139 controller.

During boot processus with DSL3.2 hdinstall, after autocofiguring no eth0 is seen !

If i execute lspci , i see the controler.

root@box:/home/dsl# lspci
0000:00:00.0 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8605 [ProSavage PM133]
0000:00:01.0 PCI bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8605 [PM133 AGP]
0000:00:07.0 ISA bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686 [Apollo Super South] (rev 40)
0000:00:07.1 IDE interface: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C PIPC Bus Master IDE (rev
0000:00:07.2 USB Controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82xxxxx UHCI USB 1.1 Controller (rev 1a)
0000:00:07.4 Bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686 [Apollo Super ACPI] (rev 40)
0000:00:07.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 50)
0000:00:12.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)
0000:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. 86C380 [ProSavageDDR K4M266] (rev 02)

If i execute lsmod , no trace of the module (controler).

If i execute  modprobe , i get this error message :

root@box:/home/dsl# modprobe 8139too
/lib/modules/2.4.26/kernel/drivers/net/b44.o: init_module: No such device
Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters.
     You may find more information in syslog or the output from dmesg
/lib/modules/2.4.26/kernel/drivers/net/b44.o: insmod /lib/modules/2.4.26/kernel/drivers/net/b44.o failed
/lib/modules/2.4.26/kernel/drivers/net/b44.o: insmod 8139too failed

Important , i get always this error when i make the hdinstall :

se [G]rub MBR or [L]ilo Active Partition? (g/l): l
Setting up boot loader (LILO) into the active partition..
/usr/sbin/dsl-installboot: line 181:  1021 Segmentation fault      /usr/sbin/genliloconf "$TARGET" "$TARGET" "hda=scsi hdb=scsi hdc=scsi hdd=scsi hde=scsi hdf=scsi hdg=scsi hdh=scsi apm=power-off nomce noapic" "$BKERNEL" $INITRD
Warning: '/proc/partitions' does not exist, disk scan bypassed
Added dsl *
The boot installation process is finished.

I look at for /etc/lilo.conf , it seems to be correct.

I have replaced all the /boot directory  of my DSL3.2 with the /boot of an OK DSL3.01 hdinstall, but no success after reboot,
my network card is still not seen ?

Is anybody has the same problem ?

Thanks a lot for your help !


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 19 2007,14:02
phiphi: temporary workaround would be to copy over b44.o from dsl v3.1 or before, and overwrite the one in dsl v3.2 (or just use "insmod /path/to/b44.o" )
Posted by phiphi on Jan. 19 2007,14:24

I replace as your say, b44.o module with DSL3.01 one, but no success , same error with modprobe 8139too after reboot.

Strange !!!

Posted by Selim on Jan. 19 2007,14:34
I've just tested DSL v3.2: What about the "must be superuser to umount" problem?

Maybe having a bug/problem tracker will help to improve DSL.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 19 2007,21:27

Looks like the user contributed module b44.o is the issue affecting the rtl8139 netcard.

However, copying the prior b44.o from v3.1 does indeed fix this issue.
After you copy over the b44.o from a prior version of DSL you must then run

# depmod -a

So, in fact the steps necessary to correct this issue

First place your DSL v3.1 or prior CD into machine. Then perform the following...

# mkdir /mnt/test
# mount /mnt/auto/cdrom
# mount /mnt/auto/cdrom/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX /mnt/test -o ro, loop=/dev/cloop60
#cp /mnt/test/lib/modules/2,4,26/kernel/drivers/net/b44.o /lib/modules/2.4.26/kernel/drivers/net/.
#depmod -a
#umount /mnt/test
#umount /mnt/auto/cdrom
#modprobe 8139too

If you like you can cut and paste then run this script.

Posted by Selim on Jan. 20 2007,09:10
I ask about the "must be superuser to umount" problem because < here >, roberts said to WDef (the one that wrote dsl2unc) it will be solved in v3.2 (The post isn't on the board anymore but for those that use the Topic Tracker, it was posted on the 1 December 2006).
Posted by phiphi on Jan. 20 2007,11:08
Thanks a lot Super Roberts,

I replace all the /net directory from DSL3.01, because b44.o_32 is also not compatible with rtl8139.

Now after executing depmod -a , All is working fine.

Have a good day.

I love DSL.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 20 2007,15:28
Quote (Selim @ Jan. 20 2007,01:10)
I ask about the "must be superuser to umount" problem because < here >, roberts said to WDef (the one that wrote dsl2unc) it will be solved in v3.2 (The post isn't on the board anymore but for those that use the Topic Tracker, it was posted on the 1 December 2006).

It is quite apparent that you are going to persist until I comment.

What is the point of this? If it is not in the change log...If my post was retracted...

Duh! Do ya think! That perhaps the solution suggested didn't work!  And from the posts in that mentioned thread, that for most, it is a trivial work-around.

Persistent posts like this makes me question your motivation.

If Debian Woody, and some of it's inherent bugs, and not specifically DSL, is not to your liking, then I would suggest to look elsewhere.

Posted by ron on Jan. 20 2007,17:44
roberts, can you explain a bit more about this "default tone generator" for XMMS? Sounds cool but what does it do?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 20 2007,18:36
explain a bit more about this "default tone generator" for XMMS?
I assume that woule be using tone://[insert freq here] so that people have something to test their sound setup without downloading some audio file, etc.

Posted by ron on Jan. 20 2007,21:02
That makes sense. Thanks
Posted by roberts on Jan. 20 2007,22:58
The tone genertor, sample sound, was actually user, piccolo's, suggestion. It is indeed to test sound without any local sound file or net connection to fetch one.
Posted by ron on Jan. 20 2007,23:17
Aha, OK I see it's a custom version of XMMS then. :cool:
Posted by roberts on Jan. 21 2007,02:39
Not a custom version of XMMS. Just a "play location" default.
If you select play location in xmms and enter

then you have a test sound playing.

So, I added this "url_history" to .xmms/config
Now you have xmms loaded with a default test sound, sans sound file.

Posted by Selim on Jan. 21 2007,09:54
@roberts, for you it's being persistent to ask a question and when no answer is given to ask it again with more pieces of information?

My motivation was to know what was happenning with the "must be superuser to umount" problem (Was the fix delayed, if so why? part of a bigger change? If the fix wasn't working, why (WDef said it was)).

Btw, when you fixed Emelfm Superuser from fluxbox menu you forgot the jwm one.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 21 2007,23:08
Ok. I have learned a lesson here.

I should lock Site news after I do an annoucement of a released version.

The appropriate forum sections should be used for feedback and ideas and suggestions.

individual user's rants are not appropriate here.
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