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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Jan. 24 2007,15:57
I have started an errata section for each version of DSL.
No one is perfect, especially not I. Software development and the denseness of DSL makes it even more of  challenge.

If real show stoppers are discovered then an new bug fix release will be issued. But if the bugs are relatively minor and/or only affects a very certain narrow area of DSL then an errata post will be issued.

These posts are a result of issues not caught in the RC cycle and reported, discussed, and resolved in the forums.

Rather than repeatedly answer these issues, I felt it best to consolidate the solutions in one easy place to find.

Please contiune to use the feedback section for released versions of DSL.

Thanks for reporting issues. It all helps to improve DSL.
And of course, the next release will incorporate the errata as highest priority.


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