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started by: roberts

Posted by roberts on Oct. 09 2007,04:06
Another minor release for DSL v3.4 is now available.

Change log for DSL v3.4.4

* Updated murgaLua to v0.5.5
* Updated netconfig.lua - support for .filetool.lst and defaults.
* Updated minirt24.gz/linuxrc in qemu/embedded edition to support 'toram' booting
* Added 'checkfs' option to grub menu for frugal grub installations.
* Restored busybox link to provide rpm2cpio
* Added gettime.lua to jwm and fluxbox menus.
* Fallback to torsmo v.017  supports no swap based systems.

Posted by roberts on Oct. 09 2007,04:07
Note the change to .jwmrc and .fluxbox/menu
Please update these files to reflect the latest changes.

Posted by Juanito on Oct. 18 2007,09:14
Apologies if this is not the place to post this...

I noticed that in some cases (eg compiling gcc), libm cannot be found in dsl base - adding /lib/libm.so -> /lib/libm.so.6 seems to fix the problem.

Maybe this symlink could be added in future minor revisions?

Posted by roberts on Oct. 19 2007,19:12
I have a couple of more updates so a 3.4.5 will be posted soon with this change.
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