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started by: John

Posted by John on Sep. 29 2004,04:08
Just a fake poll to see if it the polling is working.
Posted by davide on Sep. 29 2004,08:49
it does. :)
Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 29 2004,16:32
HAHA! You suck, c! :laugh:
Posted by AwPhuch on Sep. 29 2004,16:57
b cause its the 1st letter of my name


Posted by clacker on Sep. 29 2004,23:44
it's like the Bush, Kerry, Nader poll.
Posted by DaCuBaN on Oct. 11 2004,17:08
up Nader :p
Posted by somerville32@hotmail.com on Oct. 18 2004,00:45
GO A, Go!
Posted by caulktel on Oct. 27 2004,01:16
c is coming back with a vengence!
Posted by mucow on Jan. 06 2005,18:52
c rulez0rz :D its the first letter of my name  :p
Posted by Mechcozmo on Jan. 09 2005,07:44
Its all even now, folks....
Posted by tronik on Jan. 10 2005,05:09
i have tipped the balance in favour of A! ;) now its 13, 12, 12!!! muwhaahah
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