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Topic: 0.8.2
started by: John

Posted by John on Sep. 30 2004,07:42
-- Added ndiswrapper with GUI
-- Added add users to liveCD with GUI
-- Improved dial-up PPP with controlling GUI
-- Added prims2 setup GUI
-- Frugal mounted read/write, backup/restore & mydsl in a single partition.
-- Added emelfm as super-user menu item
-- Changed colors of mc when launched from menu.
-- Added View in Scite emelfm user command.

These are 100% Robert's improvements, and Kent did a lot of work pre-testing.
(some of the mods are right out of these forum, thanks)

Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 30 2004,08:56
w00t! ...so schweet !!

lots and lots of tweaking, testing, retesting, retrying, retesting...

Boy, it was HARD to keep quiet about this one !!   ssshhh... !

Booting up DSL CD has returned to working like the 0.8.0 version ..
No more issues with the emulation bootups ..
If you can bootup 0.8.0, you'll do fine here ..   :)

I have one laptop with a Microsoft mn720 wireless card - broadcom chipset ...schweet...
I have another laptop with a Proxim RangeLan DS wireless card - prism2 chipset ...schweet...
Save the script they make in your filetool.lst, put the script in your bootlocal.sh..
Voila, save to backup AND autorestart on bootup !  ...schweet...

Dial-up users will be pleased at the enhancements to the PPP with the GUI ..

The "Add Users" option makes testing and using the FTPd and SSH servers
so nice and easy for transfers between boxes ..
Add a new username and password - goto another box and open your fav FTP or term - Log In !!

emelfm as super user - by request..
Midnight Commander in true blue - by request..
and doubly good - MC in RED as super-user - reminds me of being Root in Redhat ..
emelfm user option - view in scite - by request..

It's been in final pre-release testing about a week now..
This is good stuff, folks....

And it's ALL on the 50 MB DamnSmall CD .. no extensions to load !
Always in your pocket !


Posted by henk1955 on Sep. 30 2004,09:28
problems with < http://ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/distributions/damnsmall/current/ >

Posted by reidar on Sep. 30 2004,09:34
Try < http://ftp.belnet.be/packages/damnsmalllinux/current/ >
It has 0.8.2 and seems fast! I am downloading from that site right now. Can't wait!



Posted by henk1955 on Sep. 30 2004,09:45
i beat you. i notice problems with backup/restore.
Posted by ke4nt1 on Sep. 30 2004,09:52
Backup/restore requires a statement during bootup now.
Notice the empty "restore" no longer is offered in the options menu

You'll need to TELL it where to backup/restore from/to


Posted by henk1955 on Sep. 30 2004,10:09
sorry.my fault. i should have known the new restore= syntax
you HAVE to use restore= and a valid divice.
i had restore=/dev/hda7. thats WRONG should be restore=hda7

Posted by roberts on Sep. 30 2004,11:01
All the changes in this release are in response to user forum requests. Special thanks go to user Clacker, for his permissions modification, to user henk1955 for his mountpoint function, to user ke4nt for his prism2 script and him helping me test devices which I do not have, and thanks to all who contribute by helping new users in forums and make suggestions that constantly challenge us to improve DSL.
Posted by Tux5 on Oct. 05 2004,01:49
Good review (aren't they all) of DSL at ppcnerds:


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Oct. 05 2004,04:11
DSL will boot on a MAC?!?!


EDITUS: *reads article*

DOH!! 486!

Posted by ripcrd6 on Oct. 09 2004,23:30
I built a custom ISO of 0.8.0 and 0.8.2 and neither will work on my laptop.  The 0.8.2 won't even work on my desktop PC.  I get an error from the ISOlinux screen : Image checksum error.  Is there an MD5 sum of the KNOPPIX compressed file that is being checked or of the entire ISO?  If it is of the entire ISO, that could prevent custom ISOs unless teh MD5 can be remade.  Then again, it could be that my download was fubarred.
Posted by ke4nt1 on Oct. 10 2004,01:15
Does a standard fare , pristine, uncustomized DSL CD boot on these boxes ok ?


Posted by ripcrd6 on Oct. 10 2004,02:22
I tried one with no mods and it worked in my CDRW drive, but not the other cdrom of the desktop pc.
Posted by TerryNewton on Oct. 10 2004,18:50

First of all I want to say THANK YOU! to those who provide and develop DSL, iit may be small but that's its very strength, it is simple enough to actually work.

I'm running DSL from the CD on a 900mh AMD with 352 megs ram, it has become my primary environment on this machine when I don't need the cdrom  or Windows.  I have 3 extra partitions, hda5 formatted fat to share with Windows and for backup/restore, downloads, docs, cross-dev files etc, an ext2 partition on hda6 to which I install linux apps or things that care about the linux filesys, and a swap partition on hda7.

Up to now I've managed to figure out how to make it work for me but after upgrading to 0.8.2 I ran into a little snag... java for Mozilla doesn't work, complaining it can't find libXtst.so.6 but the files are there (the link and ...so.6.1 file it points to). Mozilla itself works fine, going back to restores java. Adding home/dsl/.java to filetool.lst makes no difference, nor does reinstalling java and creating a new symlink to the plugin. Mozilla was downloaded from mozilla.org, and java from www.sun.com, both the latest versions, installed without any problems.

I'd post this under apps except it is something that worked fine before 0.8.2.
Any ideas? Thanks.


Posted by TerryNewton on Oct. 10 2004,21:44
Quote (TerryNewton @ Oct. 10 2004,14:50)
upgrading to 0.8.2 I ran into a little snag... java for Mozilla doesn't work, complaining it can't find libXtst.so.6 but the files are there ...

Hello again,

Nevermind, nothing to do with 0.8.2 - induced the problem under as well. I suspect I'll have to reistall Mozilla and possibly other apps after doing anything drastic to the boot CD to avoid broken links. Hazzard of static apps, DSL apps seem to avoid this problem by "installing" every time it boots. Learning...


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