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Topic: 0.8.4
started by: John

Posted by John on Nov. 11 2004,06:08
Well, the cat got out of the bag early because I was not able to get the official announcement  
done properly this morning.  

We now have the very nice Siag office apps  in DSL, I think they are a very good fit..
RobertS took some very special care to squeeze Siag, and PW some that they could replace
Ted-GTK and  ABS.  That wasn't easy because we also included spell-check!
< screenshot >

Posted by cbagger01 on Nov. 11 2004,07:00

Kudos to everyone for the new release.

Siag looks nice and the smbclient gui is very helpful for those of us who can't remember the command line syntax.

The only problem that I have found with the smbclient gui is that it expects that all fields should be filled in with data.

For my home PC winshare (behind firewall), I have a share with a connection that has a user name but an empty password, but I must type in a password in order for the gui to execute when you press the "connect" button.

Posted by ico2 on Nov. 11 2004,14:26
Posted by randy on Nov. 12 2004,02:56
Nice job.  DSL is getting better every release.  Downloading now.
Posted by ico2 on Nov. 12 2004,23:11
true, people say they don't like siag. but i hated ted and abs. when i download 0.8.4 i will be glad of siag :)
Posted by somerville32@hotmail.com on Nov. 14 2004,16:46
Pathetic writer doesn't work very good for me on my 233, 128mb and 99999kbs of swapfile. I am using fluxbox at 800x600, 32bit, XVesa.

I find that it is very sluggish, when I moddify text it gets all screwy and then fixs it's self. The letters look too close together... besides the fact that is crashes alot too doesn't help. I do not like the fact that I can not modify text at large by highlighting it. So far scite is the best I have :D
(I don't like openoffice either, similar problems.).


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