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started by: John

Posted by John on Nov. 17 2004,07:28
I've been having a hard time sleeping laity because I feel like I've had a corrupting effect on the world with my use of the word 'damn'.  

I've done a search in Google and I've realized that the nearly half million references to this project -- all of which with the word 'damn' in it! This is truly reprehensible.  In my shame I've put together an alternative website, one void of that awful word.

< http://dslos.com/ >

Yeah, that's tongue and cheek, but dslos.com is real, and should help some of you out.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Nov. 17 2004,14:01
Rest easy....
Your good works far exceed atonement for the use of the word...

Nice touch ..


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 17 2004,16:13
Desktop Small Linux?

I hope this isn't permanent. :( :P

shoulda gone with Dreadfully Small Linux.

(and I know this is for the NFPs and easily offended people out there, I'm going along with the sarcasm)


Posted by hasty on Nov. 17 2004,17:23
But is it running on monkey? :)
Posted by pyronicte on Nov. 17 2004,18:30
Also I think DSL is very ambiguous, because DSL also means Digital Subscriber Line, and however you search anything about here, you find a lot of Digital Subscriber Line information
Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 17 2004,18:34
Apache/2.0.50 (Fedora) Server at dslos.com Port 80

Nope not monkey..but just as good hehe..might wanna upgrade there John...apache is up to 2.0.51 which fixes some bugs

Code Sample
yum -y update


Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 17 2004,18:36
Oh and policical correctness weeps at your thoughfullness...



Posted by ico2 on Nov. 21 2004,00:22
ok, after you have finished messing about, just create an autoredirect to the "REAL" dsl site :)
Posted by ico2 on Nov. 21 2004,00:36
i have been speaking on the irc and it seems people are serious about this.

maybe diminuitively sized linux would be better. desktop small linux has no ring to it.

Posted by monkymind on Nov. 21 2004,02:45
Quote (SaidinUnleashed @ Nov. 18 2004,01:13)
Desktop Small Linux?

I hope this isn't permanent. :( :P

shoulda gone with Dreadfully Small Linux.

(and I know this is for the NFPs and easily offended people out there, I'm going along with the sarcasm)


Or ............

Deplorably Small Linux
DSL Small Linux
Dwarf Sized Linux
Darn Small Linux
Dram Sized Linux
Dime Sized Linux
Dime Store Linux
Down-Sized Linux
Demon Spawn Linux (Damn ..how'd that get in there :p)

I personally prefer recursive acronyms like
KDE Desktop Environment (Formerly Kool Desktop Environment)
GNU Not Unix
DSL Small Linux :cool:


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 21 2004,02:59
mmm recursive acronyms...

And I think the dslos site is for the NFPs and others.

I doubt that the name will change.

DAMN Small Linux forever!!!


Posted by monkymind on Nov. 21 2004,03:30
Quote (SaidinUnleashed @ Nov. 21 2004,11:59)

I doubt that the name will change.

DAMN Small Linux forever!!!


With 146,000 google entries for "Damn Small Linux" I have to agree.
Interestingly it is also number 3 in the acronymfinder
< http://www.acronymfinder.com/af-quer....nd=Find >

BTW as a continuing exercise in futility here's another DSL suggestion .........
Dynamic Small Linux (I think it is fairly descriptive of DSL's current state)

Cheers to all

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 21 2004,05:42
Quote (monkymind @ Nov. 20 2004,21:30)
Interestingly it is also number 3 in the acronymfinder


didn't know that.

Posted by green on Nov. 23 2004,05:25

I understand your concern. I love DSL and use it daily, as I'm sure many here do. However, I must refer to it as Darn Small when conversing with co-workers and the like. So, just wanted to say that I applaud your conscience. On the other hand, Damn Samll does have a ring to it that is unlike any other, just like the distro itself.
Thanks for DSL. You have made my peek at Linux turn into a full fledged belly flop from the high dive. And i like it! I'm never going back to Bill Gates. He's been kicked to the curb.....

Posted by roadie on Nov. 23 2004,05:48
Personally, I just don't get it.

We live in a world where people are allowed to starve, where criminals have more rights then the people they victimize,  where lots of money and a good lawyer will get you out of damn near any trouble.

We live in a world where children, CHILDREN are thrown out of their homes, to live on the street, where they are forced (by the need to survive) to sell their bodies to any filthy piece of shit that has the money.

Where they are abused by the pimps, by the johns, by the damn system.

Where John has to worry about the name he chose.

And people have to use the word "darn" in place of "damn" in conversation.

Jesus.H.Christ, what a ed up world.

My apologies for any emotional trauma caused by the use of the word "damn" in this post.


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Nov. 23 2004,07:03
geeze. he was doing this to both cater to and poke fun at the people who are so sensitive to it.

its called SARCASM! The name will stay the same!


Posted by Razor Toting Jim on Nov. 23 2004,13:17
Damn small linux may as well be called Double Damn Small Linux.
Why because damn if you do and damn if you don't

Posted by clivesay on Nov. 23 2004,14:41
If you are so disturbed by John's move, please don't direct your frustration towards him. People like myself were concerned about this so direct it all to me, I have broad shoulders.

As many of you know, I am refurbishing PC's and giving them to needy children. For my organization, "Damn Small" is a concern.

Mrs. Smith says to Mr. Livesay; "Thank you so much for the computer! My 9yr old is so excited because he will finally be able to do his homework like the other kids and not have to sneak into school early to type his papers so his peers won't know he doesn't have a PC. Where can I have my son go to learn more about this wonderful software you have on these PC's?"

Mr. Livesay says to Mrs. Smith; "Just have him log onto damnsmalllinux.org."

Mrs. Smith says; "Hmmm DAMNsmall linux? I can't tell my 9yr old to do that."

The above scenario about sneaking into school because of peer pressure is a true story. I'm sure there are some areas where damn is thrown around openly in public in the presence of children but there are some areas where that is not true.

If you truly want Linux to spread to the masses, you have to start with the kids. To start with the kids, you have to make sure that the distro is "kid -friendly" with no reason for it to be rejected. I would hate for 'damn' to stand in the way of thousands of people enjoying Linux.

By saying thousands, I am not being overly dramatic. If I had my full time to devote to me NFP, I could distribute 2-3,000 in a month, easy. The only thing limiting me would be how fast I could install the OS!

My $.02


Posted by AwPhuch on Nov. 23 2004,15:03
DSL Small Linux is a good one!

I like DSLinux as well

political correctness is eating this country!

I could care less about the word "DAMN" I have left fly a few choice words accidentally in front of my kids (like the time I dropped a 14' monitor on my big toe on my left foot when it fell of a 3 foot desk) It it was played on the radio it would have been a 25 second solid string beep...people would have thought it was an emergency broadcast or something!

My kids see and hear worse all around...so be it...you cant protect them from everything...and this is one word that means nothing...

How bout translations in all different languages...

Damn Small Linux - English
Fichu Petit Linux - French
Verfluchtes Kleines Linux - German
&#23567;Linux - Traditional Chinese (whoah!!)
&#12356;&#12414;&#12356;&#12414;&#12375;&#12367;&#23567;&#12373;&#12356;Linux - Japanese
&#51648;&#46021;&#54620; &#51089;&#51008; &#47532;&#45573;&#49828; - Korean
Damn &#1052;&#1072;&#1083;&#1086;&#1077; Linux - Russian
Linux Pequeño Maldito - Spanish

Pretty cool huh?

-edit- hmmm...I could see the oriental languages just fine when I pasted them, they converted to numbers when it posted...wierd


Posted by pyronicte on Nov. 24 2004,07:24
Quote (AwPhuch @ Nov. 23 2004,10:03)
Linux Pequeño Maldito - Spanish

It would be fine, but we really name DamnSmallLinux as:
Malditamente Pequeño Linux

Just a little bit more lovely  :p

Posted by ico2 on Nov. 24 2004,18:37
*agrees with roadie*

*repeats his suggestion of diminuitively sized linux*

Posted by Tux5 on Nov. 25 2004,00:18
I would vote for "DSL Linux."
Posted by jshaw on Nov. 25 2004,06:23
Why not go for the urban scene with Dat Small Linux?  :p
Posted by davide on Nov. 25 2004,13:12
I'm also sad because I don't like living in a world where you can hear and see anykind of bad things just opening you home's door or turning on the television, but you MUST be polite when it comes to small things. I call it hypocrisy.
Nevertheless, clivesay put it on the practical ground. if the name, incredibly, is somehow stopping or slowing the growth of dsl, let's change slightly the name and keep the acronym.
But please let's take a name that has something to do with the distro...
so I vote for the suggested ones:
Dwarf Sized Linux and Down-Sized Linux.

Posted by clivesay on Nov. 25 2004,14:55
For all the Damn Small devotee's out there I think you can rest assured that John is not changing the overall name of the distro. I haven't seen any indication that is his intension. All he has done is put a conservative frontend 'dslos' on the distro for people who could feel uncomfortable sending someone to damnsmalllinux.org.

Hey, I agree that the word 'damn' is not that big a deal although I make it a point to not use any such words in front of my own children.

John is taking the middle road to help bring more people into DSL. I think that is really all that needs to be said.

Let's get back to tweaking and enjoying DSL. Would be great if many of you would come to IRC for lively discussion such as this.  :)

Posted by ico2 on Nov. 27 2004,17:09
yep, more ppl in the irc :)
Posted by codestorm on Nov. 30 2004,11:04
router zensei$ whois darnsmalllinux.org
router zensei$ whois dangsmalllinux.org
router zensei$ whois dangnabbitsmalllinux.org


Posted by Unangst on Dec. 16 2004,20:17
Thanks John!

Let me tell you that as an educator using this distribution of linux in my classroom with elementary school students (< TechKid.org >) I also have a hard time using the official title.

In fact, I was referring to it as DSLinux and Desktop Small Linux, so the DSLOS title and link works more than fine for me!  

As some posters have correctly pointed out, any open source project needs to be welcoming to others and shouldn't have to justify it's offensive title - and that's what "damn" is to most people - before anyone even explains to the newbie what it is and why they need it.

Posted by somerville32@hotmail.com on Dec. 18 2004,16:25
I could care less if the name got changed but
I like Dime Sized Linux :D
It has a ring to it and it's logical.
I also find it has this friendly feeling to it...


Posted by clivesay on Dec. 18 2004,18:17
My original idea was Desktop Smart Linux. That is exactly what DSL is, no fluff just the useful things you need to get the job done.  :D


Posted by clacker on Dec. 18 2004,21:06
Definitive Small Linux

since it really is the big name in little Linuxes.  But if it was up to me, I'd leave it what it is.

Posted by hasty on Dec. 19 2004,10:29
Clacker I like that :)

DSL is fine as it is, like gnu it doesn't need explaning.

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