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started by: John

Posted by John on Dec. 21 2004,07:34
0.9.1 is out.
We've had some mirroring troubles, so it took some time to get the house in order.  Enjoy.

< screenshot >

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 21 2004,07:49
John, the text in that pic is evil.

Evil I say! EEEEEEVIL!!!

Great job though. This is definately my favorite version of DSL so far (before, it was 0.7.3)


Posted by roberts on Dec. 21 2004,08:05
And a big thank you to Rob aka monkymind for our new boot screen.
Posted by John on Dec. 21 2004,08:13
Yeah, that's fantastic.  Kent put in a lot of time debugging this time.  

Robert performed the surgery:)

Posted by AwPhuch on Dec. 21 2004,16:20
I must say Kent does awesome work!!

Its always good to debug b4 releasing..but sometimes you dont get the luxury

Great Job DSL Team!!!!!!!!


Posted by dslfool on Dec. 21 2004,19:19
Muy tremendous work, as always!

Re the 50MB limit: Fine with me if you go up to 64MB or beyond, as long as you don't do it for the next 90 DSL updates - I'm 10 CDs into my 100-business-card-size spindle.  :laugh:

Posted by ico2 on Dec. 21 2004,23:23
OH, the text was a joke, scared the hell outa me when i first read it and i scurried in here to notify you all i was boycotting dsl, when i realised it was a jokes and instead complimented john for his work
Posted by ico2 on Dec. 21 2004,23:25
ok, i read the rest of the text about remving sylpheed etc, came back again to curse you all, read the text further still before posting and decided not to.


Posted by bluefreak on Dec. 22 2004,01:54
hey since xmms is back as the default music player, could we make a special DSL xmms skin? unfoutunately, i have no idea how...
Posted by John on Dec. 22 2004,05:44
Ladislav is a good sport, he posted the link to the screenshot in the Distrowatch announcement.
< http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=02186#0 >

Posted by AwPhuch on Dec. 22 2004,17:23
Quote (John @ Dec. 22 2004,00:44)
Ladislav is a good sport, he posted the link to the screenshot in the Distrowatch announcement.
< http://distrowatch.com/?newsid=02186#0 >

Now that the ticket...

very very very awesome!


Posted by monkymind on Dec. 23 2004,14:44
Nice work guys  :)

Also a good time to thank John, Robert and Kent for all the hard work they have put into continuously improving DSL this year.

And to everyone who use DSL, visits the forums and/or answers questions + contribute improvements, scripts and MyDSLs addons .......

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year!  :D


Posted by ke4nt1 on Dec. 23 2004,16:47
...and Thank You Rob !
For all your " Damn Fine Designs! " ,
your time and your effort..

Merry Christmas

Posted by Jason on Dec. 25 2004,23:04
Hi, I haven't logged in here in a very long time, but I've been using DSL as more of a 2nd OS on my computer for some time now.
Really glad to see Firefox as part of the main package, I never really thought much of Links or Dillo.
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. :)

Posted by bluefreak on Dec. 28 2004,08:46
whats this new syslinux thing?

Robert put together a SysLinux version of 0.9.1. You folks who have older hardware which isn't compatible with IsoLinux can now boot the latest version of DSL from a CD like everyone else.
< ftp://ibiblio.org/pub....nux.iso >
482118c204ab4eed533d761989c62e2d dsl-0.9.1-syslinux.iso
from the notes page.

can anyone explain whats the diff?

Posted by roberts on Dec. 28 2004,15:25
The "Syslinux thing" is not new. It was the standard booting method used in all versions of Damnsmall through 0.7.3.

When DSL upgraded the kernel and modules based on Knoppix 3.4 it changed to isolinux. Syslinux  is limited to a boot floppy image. As more modules where needed to support more and newer hardware, the boot image size became a problem. With isolinux there is plenty of room, there is no floppy image in the boot directory of the cd. .

Now, some older computer's BIOS that COULD boot from syslinux CANNOT recognize and there cannot boot using isolinux. Many requests have come to me to make an syslinux version to support the older hardware.

There is no difference between the two they share a common base. As we release new versions, both isolinux, the standard, and a syslinux will  be issued. The syslinux version is based on the boot floppy.

If you have isolinux working there is no need to use the syslinux version. If you have newer hardward, don't even bother with syslinux as it probably will not support the newer hardware.

If your computer would not boot with the current DSL standard (isolinux) but does boot with the boot floppy, then grab the "new" syslinux version of the current DSL.


Posted by caulktel on Dec. 28 2004,15:59

Thanks for the explanation and the extra work in making the syslinux version. What file in this syslinux version would you say is the actual boot file? Is it the floppy image or is there a symlink that points to the floppy image. I guess what I'm asking is, which file does a normal bios look for when tring to boot a syslinux OS? Yes, I'm still trying to get my Thin Client to boot.

Posted by caulktel on Dec. 28 2004,16:36
Now that I have downloaded the syslinux version, I can see that it must be the /KNOPPIX/boot.img that boots the system as no other files exist, I will try pointing the Netvista Thin Client there, but don't hold out much hope as it appears to be looking for a specific type of file, it actully started to load the Isolinux boot file, then errored out saying that it was an uncompatable file type. Mabe if I changed the name of the boot.img to whatever it's looking for (I think its /kernel.2200). If anybody has any ideas, I'm all ears.

Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 28 2004,19:07
Try pointing it to the linux24 file and see if anything good happens.
Posted by stoneguy on Dec. 29 2004,01:07
Just wanted to pipe up with the fact that I'm one of the users who needs the syslinux version. Nearly sh** when the original 0.9.1 wouldn't boot when previous ones have ben running well. In fact, on this P133MMX maxed out with 64MB RAM, it's the only Linux that supports Firefox with acceptable response times.

Thanks guys.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 29 2004,01:39
Did boot up for you?

Or anything since 0.8.2?

Because nothing has changed since then.

If 0.9.1 won't boot, but older ones will, perhaps you got a bad burn or bad ISO.

Check the md5sum for the iso, if it checks out, reburn the cd at less than 16x and try again.


Posted by shawnmer on Dec. 29 2004,04:11
Quote (caulktel @ Dec. 28 2004,11:36)
If anybody has any ideas, I'm all ears.


Maybe this is useful?

< http://www.freelists.org/archive....18.html >
< http://peeweelinux.com/list-ar....51.html >

Btw, it'd be awesome to see a nice CF DSL image available for these Netvista 2200/2800 boxes.  They're so cheap, and paired up with a Linksys Wrt54g running Sveasoft's WDS mode (Wireless Distribution Mode or WDS repeater) <http://www.sveasoft.com/modules/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=210>, I think it's possible to build out a mesh network of these boxes and APs very cheaply...say 60 bucks for the AP and 40 bucks for the Netvista 2200 box :)


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Dec. 29 2004,05:03
Umm, you can just do a frugal install to a CF card and go to town.

it works GREAT!

Posted by bluefreak on Dec. 29 2004,05:11
thanx for the info, roberts
Posted by caulktel on Dec. 29 2004,16:39
Quote (SaidinUnleashed @ Dec. 29 2004,00:03)
Umm, you can just do a frugal install to a CF card and go to town.

it works GREAT!


what do you mean "it works great", have you done this? I have done every kind of install known and it is far from working great. If you know something that I don't, please share it. We are trying to get DSL to boot from CF on IBM 2200l thin clients.

Posted by shawnmer on Dec. 29 2004,17:16
Quote (SaidinUnleashed @ Dec. 29 2004,00:03)
Umm, you can just do a frugal install to a CF card and go to town.

it works GREAT!

Hi Su,

I agree with caulktel's comments; I too have tried hard to get the NetVista 2200 to boot from CF.  From the network (a la LTSP) it's doable, but we're (caulktel and myself) are looking for a standalone box here.

There are a ton of these thin clients out there, they are cheap, and could put very basic and reliable computer into folk's hands.  And I mentioned my mesh network goal of the Netvista 2200 paired up with a Linksys WRT54G AP running  sveasoft's alchemy distro: < http://www.sveasoft.com/ >

In any event, this is a great little project and I'm very willing to help write/edit a *Boot DSL from CF on NetVista 2200" howto...this would help alot of folks :)


Posted by green on Dec. 29 2004,19:31

I've just been perusing the IBM website. There is mucho information there regarding the thin clients and booting TurboLinux from CF card. I even saw some stuff about "other" linux distributions and a walk through on how to configure your CF card to boot properly. It might be worth a visit.

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