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started by: John

Posted by John on Jan. 06 2005,09:21
Well folks, 0.9.2 is out and you should all go grab it!  The 5 way boot is really slick.  As you all can see from the < screenshot > it is now possible to have DSL USB-boot and embedded-boot from the same drive.  In that image I actually emailed myself from the USB boot to the qemu process.   T'is Robert's brain child, so make sure to give him a thanks.
Posted by ke4nt1 on Jan. 06 2005,09:53
And also, the syslinux version has been upgraded to 0.9.2
No one left behind, upgrade yours NOW !!

The smbtree is back, for those who requested it..  tnx..
and the symlink issue is resolved with certain libraries...

and if you've got a 128MB or larger pendrive,
you just GOTTA give the 5 way a test drive!
You just GOTTA !!    ultimate geek factor coolness...
Free imaginary pocket protector included while supplies last !

Before, it was just the plain ol' booted DSL.
NOW, you get your themes, mail, configs, and files...
Everywhere you go! Windows, Qemu, Native, Floppy or CD boot
Run your thick desktop inside your thick desktop..

Lock and Load!   feedback welcomed..

It just keep getting better and better!


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Jan. 06 2005,15:31
Also new with this release is tons of nicely organized documentation, even if it's not on the CD.

Check out < http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/talk/book > for the goods.


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