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started by: John

Posted by John on Feb. 03 2005,08:23
DSL 0.9.3 is out, thank you to all who contributed to this community project!

< screenshot >

Posted by clivesay on Feb. 03 2005,13:46
Can't wait to spin it up tonight. I applaud you for adding flwriter, after discussions it was the only real logical choice. Thanks also for the ext3 option. I am guessing this is also an option for frugal? Great job, roberts, John and ke4nt!


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Feb. 03 2005,15:23
If they are using my contribution for the ext3 filesystem, I didn't do anything the the frugal script, yet.

Do we have the ability to choose a mirror for grabbing gnuutils.dsl from when doing an enhanced install, or did that get pooh-poohed?


Posted by softgun on Feb. 04 2005,03:45
The first page that pops up in Dillo should have farily comprehensive documentation and/or links to documentation. The customization is of particulrar importance. The use of mkdsl script from the live CD and the use of the filetool.lst and the backup/restore feature must be there. It must be simple and clear - use an example always as newbies will understand better and ask less repetitive questions in the forum!
Posted by ryptyde on Feb. 04 2005,03:47
Just got done loading up my usb Lexar JumpDrive with the new release. Using Dillo to browse right now and just checking things out,so far so good.I was at my local library this evening using the computer there when I luckily visited the DSL forums and seen the "dsl 0.9.3" post.

Noticed the FLwriter and Xpaint as new desktop icons,will dig deeper for other changes.

Kewl  "Desktop>Styles>TDF"

Posted by wetterau on Feb. 04 2005,04:13
9.3 is working perfectly on my Thinkpad 600. Flwriter produces html or rtf files which are read by ooWriter. Thanks for all your hard work. DSL strikes a very good balance (for those with a little linux experience) between speed, flexibility, and hardware requirements. Terrific job, really.
Posted by roberts on Feb. 04 2005,07:12
Do we have the ability to choose a mirror for grabbing gnuutils.dsl from when doing an enhanced install, or did that get pooh-poohed?

SU, your mods are there in tact, both ext3 and mirror selection. Thanks for your contribution.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Feb. 04 2005,12:59
Posted by camzmac on Feb. 05 2005,00:09
Yay! New DSL! Been stuck in some version of 0.8.x for awhile, can't wait to find a blank CD and burn this baby!
Posted by softgun on Feb. 05 2005,16:39
I hope the bug preventing addition of new users to the live cd has been dealt with?
Posted by roberts on Feb. 05 2005,17:54
I can't make it any easier than it is. It is right on the menu. System->AddUsers
Posted by softgun on Feb. 06 2005,16:11
I agree :-)

The trouble is - on the  liveCD at least - the user is created, the home directory is made, yet I cannot su to that new user. My version is 0.9.1

I am trying to add user postgres to the CD to make a working postgresql extension - either a dsl or tar.gz.

I will try your suggestion of editing the  /etc/init.d/ssh_addusers

BTW I tried putting the path to the bookmarks.html file in filetool.lst in home/dsl and did a backup, but the bookmarks file is not restored.

What am I doing wrong?

DO you think I am better off doing these in a HDD install raher than a liveCD and then transfer to the liveCD?

Posted by Rapidweather on Feb. 06 2005,22:17
Hard Drive installs are strange to me, in that one can write all over the place.
I stick with live cd distro's, with a usb stick for some outside extras. Right now, I am running Firefox off the usb stick, with Knoppix 3.7 on the CD. I change up every so often. Big shock of the day was running Puppy Linux. I'll never get over that...

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