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started by: John

Posted by John on Mar. 08 2005,10:42
There are all sorts of improvements and waist cleaning in this release.  Robert worked his magic, and Kent did his usual painstaking debugging.  We also got together on presenting some new looks.  I hope you all enjoy!
Posted by nucpc on Mar. 08 2005,13:20
So I've got 1.0rc1 (frugally installed on CF + toram + mini-ITX). Perfection.

This is simply beautiful. All of the above; the DSL, the frugal, the toram, the mini-ITX build,
are owed to this site. Brilliant work, thanks. AND 0.5 Mb off the iso!!! Unbelievable.

Posted by libretto on Mar. 08 2005,13:33
Is there any proper meaning to the 'rc1' in the release number?

Anyway, hope to get my mini-itx box running as a proper server with 1.0 soon :)

Posted by bluefreak on Mar. 08 2005,13:37
rc1 probably means release candidate one?
Posted by Tux5 on Mar. 08 2005,13:46
This looks great. I love the default theme. This is a distro release truely worthy of the 1.0 version number. Thank you John, Robert and Kent for all your hard work. I, as a user, really appreciate it.
Posted by davide on Mar. 08 2005,14:19
congratulations folks. just this.
I appreciate very much the new icons as well as new look.

Posted by stella106 on Mar. 08 2005,19:51
Great...just amazing....;)
Got the new realease and I am posting this message with Dillo...keep up the good work,DSL roks!

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Mar. 08 2005,21:07
Looks nice so far.

Only 1 complaint. The "Minimal" style was removed, and my Toshiba is suffering.

It's noticably slower with any other style.

With the minimal theme, I can play mp3s, with no running apps (including xtdesk and the dock apps), and as long as I don't move the mouse, but with another theme, I can't.

Too much ram used.

For the sake of low-ram systems everywhere! Bing it back!



Posted by tronik on Mar. 08 2005,21:49
Yes please, 'bing' it back!


Posted by roberts on Mar. 08 2005,21:51
The original default theme was "Simple".
It is still there, selectable from menu.

Posted by adraker on Mar. 08 2005,22:52
Don't bing it back, I say!

I'm happy to see 27 (to pick a number at random)
useless themes out the window.
And congrats to John, roberts, ke4nt, and ALL contribs
that make this community so strong.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Mar. 08 2005,23:12
Quote (roberts @ Mar. 08 2005,15:51)
The original default theme was "Simple".
It is still there, selectable from menu.

:D the default theme still stresses the toshiba.

I'm talking about the "Minimal" theme.

It's ugly, blue, and flat, but makes the toshiba purr. It's only 2k.

I also miss the "Operation", "nyz", and "Line" themes.

Most of the others /were/ crap though.

Posted by monkymind on Mar. 09 2005,00:23
Nice work everyone!

Initial visual impressions after running it for 10 minutes........

Though I don't particularly like the colour purple - the default theme is extremely clear, readable and effective. :)

The new icons are also clear and effective but several of the old ones don't fit in with the new look. ???

Firefox fonts are a let down and compared to Dillo's are crappy! :O

Also Firefox could do with a few more links/bookmarks or RSS feeds??
IMHO The dslos homepage is too sparse and uninviting to make a good impression for a first time user.

Lastly - all in all it's a great RC1 and definitely gives a slicker look to an already great mini distro. :cool:

Kudos to the DSL crew!

Posted by joer on Mar. 09 2005,02:02
I mostly agree with monkymind:
The color purple is awful. Please change it. Doesn't purple have a bad conotation?
Ok the default theme you guys want dark, but do the others need to be dark to?
With the name damn and the moon theme seems creepy, maybe its just me.
I would like to see a bright optional theme.
The default home page embedded in firefox is useless. Why is it like that?
I have to type in this url to get here. Seems like the name change is half done.
Or feels like links are missing not fluid.
The firefox font is too small. Can you make it larger for 1.0

I still have to go over the change log, man, there is alot of new stuff in this release.
It is like double compared to prior releases.

These are probably small things. But I want my fav distro to really shine.

Posted by ke4nt1 on Mar. 09 2005,02:35
With the name damn and the moon theme seems creepy, maybe its just me.
I would like to see a bright optional theme.
The default home page embedded in firefox is useless. Why is it like that?

To give a clean startup option to new folks ,
who may see the word "damn" as being negative, or offensive.
The word "damnsmall" has been removed from the distro alltogether..

The firefox font is too small. Can you make it larger for 1.0

Try using your 'ctrl' and '+ or -' keys in combo to make the fonts the size you want.
For 640x480 or even 800x600 , they are ok, make them bigger for larger desktops.

Hope it helps..


Posted by green on Mar. 09 2005,04:31
THANK YOU  for DSL 1.0rc1

DSL Grape rocks!

I can not say enuf good things about it, it is just awesome.

Once again, John, Roberts, and Ke4nt come through with flying colours.

I am very appreciative of all the hard work, time, and effort that has gone into this fine distro.

Thank you very much.

I hope you keep up the great work!!!

Posted by cbagger01 on Mar. 09 2005,05:37
Am posting this right now from embedded 1.0rc1

Very nice.  I like the new themes and icons and the new MyDSL Gui.

I understand the minimal theme concerns for people with old / mono hardware and also it is nice to have a "bright" theme for computers with dim monitors.  However, "Lawn" isn't too bad in the brightness category.

A couple of observations on the MS Word Viewer / Converter

(1) It doesn't seem to like my test Word document filename.  This filename contains spaces, ( and ) characters and [ and ] characters.

(2) Could the viewer/converter have a simplified version or mode of operation where you pass the filename from the command line?  In this way, you could Associate the *.doc filetype to the MS Word viewer command "viewit %f" in emelfm.

Keep up the good work.

Oh yeah, someone out there should see if they can find a (small) purplish skin for XMMS.  If you choose this skin it would look really cool along with the new themes.

Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Mar. 09 2005,08:52
Quote (joer @ Mar. 08 2005,21:02)
Doesn't purple have a bad conotation?

Linux = Geeks
Geeks = Purple connotations :p

(Well, the connotation that most people I know attach to purple... maybe your connotations are different)

Posted by chaostic on Mar. 09 2005,09:25
You ever get one of those feelings, where you know something has happened but you can't shake it? Today, after editing the usr/bin/enhance file, dsl crapped out on me. X wouldn't start, my backup got trashed, and I had to start fresh. Then while thinking I should try another distro (A friend suggested kanotix) and trying to rebuild my bookmark database by bookmarking the dsl site, lo and behold, 1.0 comes out....
Posted by meo on Mar. 09 2005,10:29
Thanks again!

I find the new DSL 1.0rc1 being great! I have made a remaster with my favourite themes (although I find the new themes in DSL very good) and is running it now from an usb-drive. Some nice music fits nicely on the drive also to enjoy wherever I am at present. If someone is looking for a nice theme for XMMS to go with DSL as is, I have found that cobalt-obscura looks very nice. To those complaining about the themes I just want to say: "Make your own remaster and put whatever themes you like in it! It's a piece of cake!" With this I humbly take off my hat for those who have worked hard to release this version of DSL!

Keep on having fun Y'all,

Posted by chaostic on Mar. 09 2005,11:45
Okay, 1.0 up and running. Gotta love cd-rws. Anyway, I see two problems, and 3 annoyances.

Problem 1, 1.0 seems to make thunderbird load 3x as slow, needing multiple clicks on the icon, or from the fluxbox menu. (I think the icon is broke, though they both share the same command) Problem 2, the fluxter, after editing my init file for a 100% extended toolbar and its restart, goes back over to the bottom left side, and doesn't stay in the slit.

Annoyance 1. Lack of the old themes/styles. Maybe they can be uploaded to the mydsl repository.
Annoyance 2. Everything seems bigger. I think it is. (I press cancel on xsetup, just like I did for .9.3) Is this X related? Was it reconfigured?
Annoyance 3, again, I think an X problem. The Color is off from the settings in .9.3. I'm using xmms as a reference for this. The standard skin for xmms looked darker, and more vivid then it does now.

Posted by chaostic on Mar. 09 2005,11:56
Actually, one more annoyance. A major one. The new mydsl app. Bring back the old one. It was nicer and had the ablitly to mount the optional drive. It also showed you the red, green status of a mydsl.
Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Mar. 09 2005,13:37
Quote (chaostic @ Mar. 09 2005,06:45)
Annoyance 1. Lack of the old themes/styles. Maybe they can be uploaded to the mydsl repository.

In the meantime, you can get them from the fluxbox site, though you'll have to figure out how to unpack them and put them in the right dirs.
Or, of course, you could boot up an older version of DSL and save the themes from there.  Make a filetool.lst consisting only of the home/dsl/.fluxbox/styles and home/dsl/.fluxbox/backgrounds dirs, run backup, and you have a nicely packaged extension of the old themes.

Posted by gunnix on Mar. 09 2005,20:37
Congratz DSL is getting very very nice!

As this is RC1 you probably want some postive criticism ;). Well I think the doc viewer should be made default to open doc files in emelfm.

I'd like the newest dillo. There's not even a find feature (what u get with ctrl+f) in dillo 0.7.3 :s. Nor is there the search feature (to search google or whatever). And many other improvements which came in dillo since 0.7.3.

I'd like the fluxbox nyz style included. It's ok to remove the ugly themes but nyz wasn't as ugly as the rest ;)
The minimal style had also it's use.

My scroll doesn't work on my ps2 mouse. And I find the cursor to slow moving. I can't find a thing in the system menu to change it. Maybe it's possible to add? It's only that I seem to remember there was a mouse config app before, I might be mistaken.

I liked the MyDSL from DSL 0.9 better.

Personally I like wmbutton, a slitapp, to start applications. It has 9 small buttons with an icon on. And if you left click, right click or middle click you can start a different application with it. With 1 click. It's very small and easy.
Nah nevermind. Wouldn't it be possible to start the desktop links with 1 click instead of 2 ?

I'd like fluxbox 9.12. The tabs in the titlebar are really neat.
I guess it'll come with time


Posted by Caspar_s on Mar. 09 2005,23:22
Hmmm, the background looks fine to me... what's with the purple comments?
(Purple - Influencing people in high places, Third Eye, Psychic Ability, Spiritual Power, Self Assurance, Hidden Knowledge - I like the first, and last two...)

Nice mix of styles - pick the one you like or go into an older DSL and put it into your backup.  Man, you know it is a good release if everyone is complaining about styles... and not about the spyware (oops... that's windows)

I like how the DSL panel no longer uses the SuSE icon.

Oh, and there is a spelling mistake in the opening html.  Especailly on the first line of "installing to hard drive."

Posted by AwPhuch on Mar. 10 2005,03:02
Plus once they release the official DSL 1.0, they can then focus on other things like growing the MyDSL apps lists. Once the well tested and proven 1.0 is issued its game on then.  I'm sure they will continue to develop it and keep improving it, but with the set in stone 1.0 it will give them time to step back, take a breather and focus on other things

Way to go DSL team!


Posted by meo on Mar. 11 2005,15:05
I agree with the mentioned above!

I find the current DSL good as is and hope for more .uci modules to be mounted at will so to speak. Once again many thanks for the hard work that the DSL-team has put in this new release so that we and other DSL-enthusiasts can have fun and enjoy a truly versatile distro!

Keep having fun in all your hard work,

Posted by cbagger01 on Mar. 13 2005,19:05

I created a purple XMMS skin for DSL 1.0rc1

It is located in the testing area of the mydsl repository.

It is based on the Fusion skin and is very similar to the default XMMS skin except for the purple part.

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