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started by: John

Posted by John on Mar. 17 2005,07:28
The DSL store will be slowing down over the next three weeks.  The reason?  My wife usually is the one to fulfill the orders, and she is 39 weeks pregnant.  So, any day now she's going to go into labor.

We are still taking orders and welcome them, but please keep in mind that there will be definite delays in getting them for the next few weeks.

Posted by filthyskillet on Mar. 17 2005,07:48
Congratulations I wish You and your Wife the very best !
Posted by adssse on Mar. 17 2005,15:06
Yes congratulations. May everyone be healthy and happy.
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Mar. 17 2005,15:38
Posted by MrBear37 on Mar. 17 2005,16:45

 May you and your wife and your child each be filled with every blessing..


Posted by mikshaw on Mar. 17 2005,16:47
Was that extra 3 weeks for testing?  I guess you don't get to do a release candidate in this business...
Posted by adraker on Mar. 17 2005,17:35
Thats good news,John!

Posted by John on Mar. 18 2005,07:30
Thanks guys, that's really kind of you.
Posted by clivesay on Mar. 18 2005,11:58
Enjoy 'em while they're small, John. When they learn to walk and talk, life changes drastically!  :D

I have twin 5yr old girls and the running, aggravating and talking is like the energizer goes on and on and on and on.

Kids bring the greatest joy you'll ever have in your life!! Although the older ones seem to increase the number of grey hairs on your head!



Posted by noordinaryspider on Mar. 18 2005,23:00
My credit card was not charged for the CDs I ordered last month, but that's okay; I still want them whenever you get around to it even though I already downloaded DSL just fine on dial-up.

I've got a kid in college and a teenager at home and they just get better with age.

I thought discovering dsl was the beginning of a great adventure for me but you, my friend, are embarking on the greatest adventure of them all.

Posted by cbagger01 on Mar. 18 2005,23:32

My wife is due in July, but she is not running an online store from her home :)

Posted by AwPhuch on Mar. 19 2005,01:02
Congrats bud...

Little ones definitely make things a bit different in your life...

It will be cool though when they get older and they are hacking into the school system!   :D


Posted by libretto on Mar. 19 2005,10:33
Congratulations John! :cool:
Posted by monkymind on Mar. 20 2005,09:06
Wonderful news and congratulations  :D


Posted by John on Mar. 24 2005,21:15
The baby is here!  She weighed in at 8 lbs. even which is quite big for my wife's size.  My two older daughters seem to be adjusting well but we are completely wiped out.  

Right now I am playing catchup with everything, so it's going to be sperratic over the next two weeks.

Posted by clivesay on Mar. 24 2005,22:07
WoooHoooo!!!!!  :D
Posted by ke4nt1 on Mar. 24 2005,22:33
Great news....

Thanks for sharing..


Posted by roberts on Mar. 24 2005,23:46
Glad to hear the news and that all are doing well.
Take time to rest up.


Posted by cbagger01 on Mar. 25 2005,06:22

It sounds like you have your hands full.

You should take it easy for at least the next 2 weeks min.

We'll still be here when you get back.

Posted by softgun on Mar. 28 2005,11:00
Congratulations John and Mrs John! Welcome little one!!
Please do not look at the list of posters when naming her ;-)

Posted by clivesay on Mar. 29 2005,13:56
John -

I just realized you have three daughters like myself! I have threatened my wife with getting my own apartment when the twins become teenagers!  :D

I'll start looking at two bedroom units so you can come visit me from time to time.  :p

Nah, really girls are fantastic. It just makes for a loud household!

Take care


Posted by reidar on Mar. 29 2005,20:13
Congratulations John!

We got a daughter ourselves (our first child) in the end of January. These are great days! Wish you all the best!!!



Posted by davide on April 01 2005,10:27
I have no children but that doesn't prevent me to say: "hurray! welcome to the world to this new baby!"
congratulations to your wife and to you (women first)

Posted by CappyCaffeine on April 02 2005,01:19
John! Congratulations on your new arrival!

I have a 3 1/2 yr old girl and a one year old boy so the baby time is still fresh with me!

Enjoy your new girl and I wish your family the best of health!

Take Care!


Posted by John on April 11 2005,01:17
We are back in production mode again, thanks everybody for your patients.
Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on April 11 2005,13:34
Quote (John @ April 10 2005,21:17)
We are back in production mode again

What, you mean you're working on another one already??!! :p
Posted by noordinaryspider on April 11 2005,21:18
Hey, mine were almost three years apart which was their idea, not my own; I wanted them closer; I must have been nuts!


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