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started by: John

Posted by John on April 11 2005,03:10
I've set up an auction script for the DSL community.  I think there are a lot here who are interested in buying and selling old computer components.  I for one would be interested in a good used laptop.  It's free to use, so have at it.

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Posted by adssse on April 11 2005,04:44
Sounds like a good idea.
Posted by dmizzel on April 20 2005,07:26
It might be cool to have the ability to place a want-ad. I might want a ThinkNic,  but I can't find one.  I'm also looking for someone to donate an old/decent sound card to a worthy cause (me, attempting to set up a Linux/virtual synth box for my studio :D  ).
Posted by dslfool on April 20 2005,17:02
I really like the idea of having the opportunity to get unused hardware into the hands of other DSL supporters and I hope the auction site does well.

I see there's not much posted yet, but as soon as I can find the time I hope to offer several items, including a bunch of RAM, a Linux-compatible external modem and some other stuff.

Posted by noordinaryspider on April 24 2005,15:32
John, this is so perfect for me; I'm tired of the garbage associated with eBay....I love my $30 Dell and it did come from a reputable dealer but I get so sick of sorting through all the sellers offering "massive" 2 Gig hard drives and "lightening fast" 32MB of RAM to find what I want for myself and my friends: good honest solid old pieces of stuff.

I make mistakes and have acquired the wrong kind of RAM for my older PCs; I'm more the freecycle type but I could do with some help on the postage so I'll see if I can't figure out how to offer it to a good home in the next little bit.

It's also always nice for us dial-up users to have a sympathetic friend with broadband once in awhile, while I'm on the subject of reimbursement for postage. ;)

Posted by dslfool on May 01 2005,05:43
Hi John,

Any plans to add a link to the auction site from the main DSL page? The only link I'm familiar with is the one in this thread, and the only other mention of the market that I've seen is in a post at the DSL blog. Seems like a newcomer would only find these if they thought to do a search for "auction" or stumbled across them while browsing the forum or the blog, and I'm worried that the market might languish because not enough people know about it.

(I'm not just asking because I just posted a bunch of items for sale. :) I'm just hoping others will have the opportunity to sell as well as buy and a link on the main page should increase traffic at the market.)



Posted by dslfool on May 01 2005,05:47
Oops! I just saw the "Geek Auctions!" link on the forum pages. Excellent idea. I do think a link on the main page would be helpful as well.
Posted by libretto on May 02 2005,13:51
Will the auction ever support other currencies (as I'm in the UK GBP)? Anyway, if I need to rid of some PC junk, er I mean Gold, then I know where to go (although my postal restriction would be to UK addresses only).
Posted by John on May 17 2005,06:45
I didn't add it to the index page, but I added it to the < FireFox start page > -- this should bring in some new visitors.
Posted by John on May 17 2005,06:51
Libretto, that would be a handy hack -- I'll look into it.  You can in the mean time just just note that the price is in Pounds until I get around to hacking the script.
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