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Topic: DSL 1.1 is out!
started by: John

Posted by John on May 05 2005,08:33
Download and enjoy all the under_the_hood improvements!
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Posted by SaidinUnleashed on May 05 2005,15:38

Too bad we didn't get the webdata thing in a release before now.


Slax is claiming to have done it first.

LIEZ Says I!


Posted by nbx909 on May 05 2005,17:19
Will updateing break any packages installed with apt-get? on an hd install?
Posted by roberts on May 05 2005,17:47
I just wanted to say thanks to the QA team for help in testing.
Thanks to cbagger01 for the spaces in filename mods, henk.1955 for the host boot option, and mikshaw for the filetool button. I don't always implement their exact code, but their ideas and suggestions as well as from the rest of the community make DSL what it is. Thanks

Posted by Rapidweather on May 05 2005,21:36
I'm downloading it now.
88.4 KB/sec from: < http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca/pub/distro/DamnSmallLinux/current/ >
I always get the syslinux version.
Thanks to all who have put this together, I am sure I will enjoy it.

Posted by ryptyde on May 05 2005,22:24
I'm at my local (25miles away) public library now d'loading.Always a blast to get a new version to try and show prospective DSL/Linux users.  :)
Posted by meo on May 05 2005,23:03
Hi there!

It's always exiting when a new version comes out. And this one is just wonderful. But allthesame I think I have found a small problem. I usually use dsl-embedded which a boot with a cd due to an old, nonupgradable, bios. When I try to mount the virtual hd in qemu, recognized as hdb, I get the message: "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0, or too many mounted file systems". I have used the same method for a while without problems but today since I installed the 1.1 version it occurs. I store a couple of uci-files there to mount at need. And it was very practical just to have to mount /mnt/hdb to access them. There is a way around though. Mounting sda1 and then mounting the virtual hd like this: #mount /dev/sda1/qemu/harddisk /mnt/test -o loop but it is kind of tedious. I guess it's not supposed to be that way. I have tried lots of times both with remastered and unremastered versions of dsl-embedded 1.1. I just thought I should mention it. I have used DSL for over a year and I think it's the best linux distro of them all. And I have tried perhaps around 60 different distros and various versions of the most popular. So keep up the development of this marvellous distro.

Have fun,
With kind regards meo

Posted by spotslayer on May 05 2005,23:31
I have also notice this same thing. I also tried to use the menu>system>backup/restore. This only hung and never did a backup. It did not seem like there was access to the backup drive. I also did not see the backup file in hdb. This was using a usb boot from pen drive. I probably screwed something up, but just thought I would put this out in the open.


Posted by ryptyde on May 06 2005,00:47
Just arrived home from the library with my DSL d'loads.Fired up K3B on my FC3 box and burned the .iso to a mini-CDR.

Popped the disc into my DVD drive and rebooted and , voila! The little penguin rears his happy face again.I use a recently acquired Best Data external serial modem model 56SX-92 for my dial-up connection.

Using Firefox to browse and access this site to post this.Will be checking out the "embedded and hdd" install soon.

Posted by mikshaw on May 06 2005,02:06
I just finished downloading, so haven't tried it yet, but I LOVE the new boot options.  Thank you!
Posted by Rapidweather on May 06 2005,02:52
Busy testing DSL 1.1 now, and have made, using the new add to filetool button in
emelfm this filetool.lst:
Code Sample

Impressed with the automatic saving of the backup file on shutdown, and
also that DSL picks it up by itself on bootup.
I do boot: dsl toram (most of the time), and that gets me up and running
with my own menu, style, init and .xinitrc and other items very quickly.
Good work, DSL team. Now, back to testing...

Posted by roadie on May 06 2005,16:30

Too bad we didn't get the webdata thing in a release before now.


Slax is claiming to have done it first.

LIEZ Says I!

Slax did do it first.


Posted by roberts on May 06 2005,18:56
Actually, I wrote the code and had it working last Sept. It was scheduled to go into 0.8.3.
But it was rejected at that time because of lack of MS FTP server support.
Had we have a dedicated server such as Slax then we could have been.

This time, I got it in anyway. :)
But, I will concede. Although from what I have been told that the Slax version is not encrypted and requires access to only their server?

Posted by noclobber on May 06 2005,21:48
Your work on DSL is much appreciated.

I haven't done much with DSL since v0.8.3 mainly because I've been busy with other things lately, but also partly because I know you've all wanted v1.x to be "perfect". :;):

As an engineer, though, I should know that design is an iterative process - there are always new "bugs" to be fixed and "improvements" to be added.

<drool> It looks like you've added *lots* of nice features.  I'm going to have to download both the syslinux & isolinux versions and try out various installs and remasters. </drool>

Posted by roberts on May 07 2005,05:50
As part two of the 1.1 release is a new updated "Install to Pendrive"
This menu option actually downloads frugal_usb.tar.gz.

This is the updated script. The new frugal_usb.tar.gz contains everything needed to setup and install to a usb pendrive for USB-ZIP booting.  Since USB-ZIP booting requires certain geometry in order to boot, the script auto calculates the geometry by making a small 50MB partition usually suitable for USB-ZIP booting. The remainder of the pendrive, is auto setup as a linux partition and backup/restore and mydsl extensions are preset to this second partition. I have had good reports from the beta testers. Hopefully this will work better for your USB-ZIP booting needs.

Also, available is another script pendrive_usbhdd.tar.gz that is called from the above script. If you decide not to use USB-ZIP and your computer supports USB-HDD this script will be called and a single linux partition will be setup using the drive's native geometry. Again backup/restore and mydsl will be preset to load from this single partition. This script is based on the suggestion from user bri974 see also < http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....;t=5683 >
If you use this option then do not also use the toram option only while performing the installation.

The default is USB-ZIP simply because more computers support this method of booting. But now we offer both methods available from the existing menu on DSL.  Apps->Tools->Install to Pendrive  This makes the whole process very easy.

Be it noted that AMIBIOS still seems to have the most issues in booting.


Posted by clivesay on May 07 2005,12:05
Thanks for the options, robert. This has helped me greatly. My Antec case has front USB ports but will not boot via usb-zip. My Epox mobo has a usb-hdd option in the bios. When I use it along with the new script, everything boots flawlessly!  :)

I'm sure others have had this same issue.

Thanks again


Posted by WoofyDugfock on May 07 2005,13:11
Wow: "triple des encrypt the backup file"
Serious competition for KnoppixMiB - which I think hasn't been improved for a long time anyway AFAIKT.

Thanks Robert, John and supporters for all the improvements!

Posted by spotslayer on May 07 2005,13:52
I am running this on another computer as I type this. I have not had any luck making my sandisk 256 boot with out a diskette. I have gotten my lexar to boot without assistance. Could someone tell me what would be needed to convert this to 5-way?


Posted by roadie on May 07 2005,15:44
This time, I got it in anyway. :)
But, I will concede. Although from what I have been told that the Slax version is not encrypted and requires access to only their server?

True on both, tho editing the files involved would save to wherever you want.
Also the file is in .mo format using squashfs and I would think encryption could be applied fairly easily.


Posted by roberts on May 07 2005,15:52
Wow: "triple des encrypt the backup file"

Yes, this was put in mainly for the pendrive users.
Now if you should lose your pendrive, your "secrets" are safe :)

Posted by v_lestat on May 07 2005,18:34
Posted by sandisn on May 10 2005,07:28
very nice
Posted by roberts on May 13 2005,00:10
I just did a little reorganization of the download section for bootfloppy images.
Maybe using a more descriptive term might help identify these boot floppy images.
Thanks go to SaidinUnleashed who updated the images with current f2 and f3 screens as well as the current boot image. I adjusted the scripts to call the generic bootfloppy instead of a particular release name. The boot floppy images should only change when the kernel and modules change.

Posted by roberts on May 18 2005,23:27
We are now hosting clivesay's screendrop docs and howto's  You can grab them < here >
These are pdf documents and are full of easy to follow screen shots while helping to explore and explain features of DSL.

Thank you, Chris!

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on May 18 2005,23:49
excellent stuff!


Posted by roberts on May 22 2005,04:42
We have another new screendrop docs and howto. This time clivesay takes on Frugal Install.   You can grab it < here >
His pdf documents and are full of easy to follow screen shots while helping to explore and explain features of DSL.

Thank you, Chris!

Posted by green on May 22 2005,04:54
Chris rocks!
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