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started by: John

Posted by John on June 15 2005,09:39
We fixed a bug, patched a security issue, and corrected the boot logo...
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/notes.html >
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/download.html >

Posted by green on June 15 2005,14:58
The ceaseless efforts of John and the DSL team are much appreciated.
Posted by ke4nt1 on June 15 2005,17:19
Yes, Indeed !!

Mo' Betta'  :)


Posted by adssse on June 15 2005,17:37
Much thanks for all of your work.
Posted by roberts on June 15 2005,18:21
Hi Everyone!

I am a little late with the thank you's this time. But you can imagine with the 1.2 release all the new files involved and then doing a quick turn around for the minor bug fix release. But still thank you's are in order:

hawki - for the xfiletool.lst suggestion.
hawki - for the public access suggestion.
clivesay - for the mydsl boot option to accept directories suggestion.
ke4nt - for nagging me to fix the non-DSL user corruption with mydsl-load
monkymind - for the artwork for the new boot logo screen and the quick turn around fix for my mistake.
woofydugfock - for the xzgv security suggestion

Also to cbagger for now his deb2dsl and build_debmenu.sh scripts are included in the dsl-dpkg.dsl extension.

We have a great community.
Thanks to all and for those who I may have missed.


Posted by mikshaw on June 18 2005,03:58
Thank you for implementing the mydsl directories!  This opens up a universe of possible myDSL combinations on a single partition.

For those who may be curious about what the heck i'm talking about, you can now specify a directory containing myDSL apps to auto load during boot, so if you want a number of configurations you no longer need a number of partitions.

As an example, I have a DSL partition (hda4) containing my Frugal installation (KNOPPIX,boot,optional,myDSL).  The optional directory holds all of my myDSL applications so they will be added to the "install optional" section of the menu during boot.  The myDSL directory contains subdirectories, each containing symlinks to a collection of apps in the optional directory.  One subdirectory is named "xfree" and contains symlinks to ../../optional/XFree86.dsl, ../../optional/nvidia.dsl, and a few other related myDSL applications.  Using the boot option "mydsl=hda4/myDSL/xfree" will load the myDSL apps linked in the xfree directory.  This can be applied to any number of myDSL combinations so you can have multiple DSL systems to choose from at boot time, all available from the same partition, using the same KNOPPIX image.

Posted by WoofyDugfock on June 18 2005,13:57
It's all good - very good indeed.
Ta very much all.

Posted by jesseakc on June 22 2005,21:17
Is anyone still getting the non-DSL user error with MyDSL?  I am...   :(
Posted by ke4nt1 on June 22 2005,21:20
Explain further?

You cannot install extensions as the root user, only the user dsl.
If you attempt to do so, you will see the error..

TO check, open up the XTerminal icon on the desktop.

Do you see root@box , or dsl@box , at the prompt ?


Posted by spotslayer on June 23 2005,01:06
jesseakc  Check out roberts post in mydsl extensions. It is on the first page. This worked for me.


Posted by jesseakc on June 23 2005,02:06
I'd say about 50% of the time when I try to download a .dsl I get a   ! Non DSL User error

Yes, I am logged in as DSL and I never install them as root.  

The only way I can get them is if I go to the website, download the file and install them with emelfm.

Posted by Bob489 on June 23 2005,02:32
what version of ndiswrapper is installed on this realease... just want to make sure it is current so i know it will support the card i am about to buy.



Posted by Bob489 on June 27 2005,22:59
finally got my dlink dwl-g122 usb wireless g nic.... it is prism based, but i couldn't get it to load... not even NDIS wrapper would detect the hardware after the driver was loaded... i ran feather linux and it works fine... one great thing... feather already has iptables... no need to download.

is there anyway i can find out why the card isn't working under dsl... i would like to give it a try so i can get my old p133 set up as an AP using dsl instead of feather...



Posted by Bob489 on June 28 2005,04:05
could it just be that the kernel is older? would updating the kernel mean better hardware detection?
Posted by Guardian on July 09 2005,17:01
Two thumbs up for the DSL team, thank you so very much for all the extraordinary work.
Posted by Bradley on July 30 2005,07:19
I noticed that pon disbaling eth0 is fixed in dsl 1.3, however is there a workaround for 1.2.1?  I only have 1.2.1.

When I run dial-up ppp, eth0 becomes disabled, I assume this is the same problem.


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