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started by: John

Posted by John on July 14 2005,04:49
Robert did an enormous amount of work < under the hood > and the testing crew did an excellent job working with him to test the new features.  I think they will be very popular.  Be sure to read < Robert's notes > on safely transitioning from 1.2.x to 1.3.

For this release we chose Ke4nt's theme which featured < Lasse Kongo's > beautiful "The elephants trip" wallpaper.  

One note for cdw, use the space bar to select files, the rest of the controls are fairly intuitive.

Posted by roberts on July 14 2005,05:13
This is a very significant release. One of the largest change logs ever for DSL.
Still there is much more to do. And to look forward to.

I would like to extend thanks to many for their suggestions and contributions for this release in no particular order:

cbagger for his improvements to the pendrive hdd program.
friedgold for the stripping suggestion
b1ackmai1er for reporting typos and the Xvesa bug
orge for reporting the 2 button mouse bug
drx456 for reporting the error on changing passwords
noclobber for reporting the eth0 disable pon bug
mikshaw for reporting the null menu bug
katsiki for reporting the xsetup typos
alfille for reporting the dsl-embedded qemu linux bug

I also want to thank the testing team of Kent, Chris, SaidenUnleashed, for putting up with my almost daily builds.  Their feedback often shapes the end result.


Posted by ke4nt1 on July 14 2005,05:34

Robert really put his heart & soul into these new features for DSL-1.3

Hats off to a big, big effort by "Team DSL" ,
keeping track of all of these improvements,
and coordinating all of the 14 pre-releases and fixes..

This is a very HOT release, packed full of new features..
In doing so , very few compromises were made from earlier versions.
More bang, more DSL, and an even smaller .iso size !!

SO... Consider this when posting your findings about DSL-1.3 ..

There is no way we could test every extension, with every feature,
in every type of install and setup, on every type of media, and with
all the possible partition combinations..
( our initial testing grid had 140+ combinations of installs and features )

Something is bound to behave differently with this many changes..

So, if you find something peculiar, or out of the ordinary,
in your setup,  or the type of install you are used to operating with,
( which will happen, I'm sure.. )
let us know, by posting about it ...   and we'll work on a remedy...

Already , many more things to look forward to in future versions.
The work progresses onward..

Nice Job, guys..    


Posted by andrewphoto on July 14 2005,12:16
thank you, merci, &#949;&#965;&#967;&#945;&#961;&#953;&#963;&#964;&#974;, falemnderit
Posted by friedgold on July 14 2005,14:26
Great work, DSL just keeps on getting better and better!

aterm is a welcome addition and the icon layout manager is a very nice touch. :cool:

Posted by cbagger01 on July 15 2005,04:03
I finally got enough free time to burn DSL 1.3 and check it out.

Nice job guys!

The icon manager is great and makes extension loading look very professional.

Aterm looks great.

cdw looks like a nice usable cd burning application. It's kinda cool that it uses sqlite for the database interface.

FYI, the "CD Burn App" rxvt window title still says "Bash Burn" instead of "CDW"

Also the new theme looks very sharp.

I like dark themes like bizcard and tree & moon on most of my computers.  However, on some of them the display monitor is very dim and dark themes are hard to use so Lawn or Minimal were required.

This theme definately brightens up the old CRT.

Once again, great job!

Posted by cbagger01 on July 15 2005,04:05
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Posted by nickelplated on July 15 2005,13:46
New DSL, sweet!
btw, looking on Distrowatch on the distro page hit rankings for 6 month timespan, DSL just climbed up another notch to 9th most popular distro on the planet!   (:

Posted by adraker on July 16 2005,01:35
So there's an odd thing..... I can now boot an isolinux
cd on my ancient-but-still-very-usefull Thinkpad laptop.
Maybe it was a cd-drive issue...
After cursing all things Aterm, and rebuilding a freshly
made Ckermit.dsl, some advantages are begining to dawn
on me.
That must have been a lot of work to intruduce Aterm to the
existing distro, and all the other features, thanks to all involved.


Posted by adssse on July 16 2005,02:13
Had some trouble moving from 1.2.1 to 1.3, no doubt because of my own inexperience, so I did a clean frugal install. Been using it and everything is looking good. I cant imagine everything it took to do this, thanks for all the hard work.
Posted by Max on July 16 2005,06:36
Did you have to re-package a bunch of the .dsl's for this release?

Just wondering, as I keep a fairly large /optional directory and wanted to know if I should re-download them all....

Posted by Max on July 16 2005,06:40
Well that was strange... posted a reply, the system says I posted a reply but it is nowhere to be found....

Posted this reply, and then my last one showed up....

Posted by ke4nt1 on July 16 2005,16:13
I also saw that.

I was reading thru "new posts" , and saw yours at the top of the list.
But I couldn't read it..  hmm...

After you replied to yourself, I can read them both.  


Anyhow,  the extensions have NOT changed.
Any old ones should work fine.
I have effected repairs on USBview.dsl and Alsadebs.dsl
to fix menu issues, so those could be redownloaded.

I have gone thru and updated several of the icons in some packages.
( just to make them "look" better in the new grid system )
But it is a cosmetic change only.


Posted by mikshaw on July 16 2005,23:40

1) Both the keys and windowmenu files include rxvt rather than aterm.  This will want to be changed eventually, but it will not cause any serious failure.

2) If the BizCard style is no longer in DSL, the init file will also need editing.  This one is a bit more serious.  Now that I know about the 'default' symlink, I'll use that in the future instead of a specific style.

edit: Since it's not in the repository yet, I'll make those changes and resend.

Posted by ke4nt1 on July 17 2005,04:22

I didn't post 0.9.13 in the repository?

..only sees 0.9.11 in the /net section..
 ...ke4nt hangs head in shame...

I was delaying releasing some extensions, to be sure they were not
going to be included in the base .iso, but I'm guessing I let this one slip by.

Awaiting your resend..


Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on July 17 2005,05:57
I noticed that xf86config doesn't work too well now, as it launches in a transparent aterm, but it uses black text (as opposed to the white usually used in the trans aterm), so depending on your style choice, it is pretty much unreadable.
Posted by mikshaw on July 17 2005,13:51
I didn't get online last night, or any night recently, due to visiting teenagers suckling on the telephone line :D
Anyway, /usr/bin/rxvt exists as a symlink to aterm, and the bizcard style is still in, so there should be no trouble with flux 0.9.13 until at least the next DSL release =o)

I wasn't aware that xf86config opened a terminal....odd...

Posted by doobit on July 25 2005,13:56
I love this distro and I'm considering making it my main OS and squeeze out Mandriva. Great job!
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