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Topic: 0.4.9 is out
started by: John

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,01:43
Check out the < notes page > for details.
Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,01:47
Is there any way to upgrade without losing all the data on my drive?

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,01:59
No elegant way yet.  I've thought about a clean and universal way to make post install updates, but I don't have anything yet.  I suppose you could mount your drive and just copy over the new programs and and modified scripts.
Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,03:24
John, I have a generic microsoft USB wheel mouse, 4.8 supports it just fine but 4.9 doesn't, is there any way to fix this? I tried editing gpm.conf in /etc and mouseconfig, but neither worked

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,03:57
Is it not working if you do not select scroll wheel?   Maybe try opening up /etc/X11/Xsession.d/99xfree86-common_start and commenting out the xmodmap line?
Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,04:19
I tried all the options I could, even the ones I knew it wasn't, I haven't opened to X11 file, but I might.

Is there any way for me to copy over the mouse-scroll files or something? That's the only thing that I need from 4.9, I already copied some of the new scripts over to my bin folder.

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,05:31
I have questions for you.  Are you not getting any movement with the usb mouse?  Or, are they doing funky things?  Have you installed 0.4.9, or is it from the CD?  You want to get on the IRC channel?

Try swapping out the new xsetup.sh with the old.

Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,05:58
I have tried both booting from the CD and a hard drive installation, I've reinstalled about 5 times in the last hour and now I'm back to 0.4.8, I'll try the xsetup.sh thing, but I'm not too sure, thanks for the help.

I'd be on the irc channel, but now I can't get xchat to work because of font.conf, so it may be a while.

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,06:06
Do you have any mouse movement, or is it completely dead?

Did you try running  xsetup.sh, but not selection the scroll mouse option?

It might the scroll option that is causing the problem.

Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,06:08
No mouse movement at all with the usb mouse, I have a touchpad on my laptop that works, but I don't want to use it :P

when I select that it doesn't have a scroll wheel in xsetup.sh, X won't run, it kicks me out for some reason :P

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,06:11
wow, never seen that -- going to test on my laptop now.  md5sum check out ok?
Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,06:15
Here is a script that checks the quality of a burn:

blocksize=`isoinfo -d -i $device | grep "^Logical block size is:" | cut -d " " -f 5`
if test "$blocksize" = ""; then
       echo catdevice FATAL ERROR: Blank blocksize >&2

blockcount=`isoinfo -d -i $device | grep "^Volume size is:" | cut -d " " -f 4`
if test "$blockcount" = ""; then
       echo catdevice FATAL ERROR: Blank blockcount >&2

command="dd if=$device bs=$blocksize count=$blockcount conv=notrunc,noerror"
echo "$command" >&2

To use it:
rawread /dev/cdrom | md5sum

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,06:29
Seen the Xserver shutdown bug, it happens when you select Xfbdev and don't select the scroll.  Working on the fix.  Also, the scroll option will only work with /dev/psaux.
Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,06:37
Hrm, I'll check the file and everything, thanks for the info :)

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,06:38
Dakrone, remind me to ask you to pretest the upcoming release.  This is an annoying bug, turns out it affects both Servers.
Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,06:55
So what's the verdict as far as the release goes? are you going to release it with a warning to anyone with usb mice? :P

This is a really strange problem, it would be interesting to see what's causing it

EDIT: md5sum just came back, no problem there.

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,06:57
Hopefully this won't affect too any people.  
The offending code is in:
To fix the the server crash you need to comment out the second line with a '#', it should look like this:
#xmodmap -e 'pointer = 1 2 3 5 4' >&/dev/null

That's if you do not have a /dev/psaux scroll capable mouse (or touchpad).  

This bug will be gone in 0.9.10 because I compiled new kdrive Xservers who do not need me to remap the mouse buttons.  I'll push it out early.

Posted by John on Oct. 14 2003,07:04
Unfortunately, 0.4.9 is already released, I'll put up a warning on the 'notes' page.  What's amazing is that I had this release pre-tested by 5 people and myself and no one caught this.  

Unfortunately, it will affect more than just USB mice, anybody that doesn't select scroll mice will have the Xserver die on them -- and the modification can't be done on the live CD.

Posted by wrayal on Oct. 14 2003,15:26
Im sorry, Im feeling stupid today, and I want to ,make sure. I have one of the red knobble mice on my IBM thinkpad. ANybody have any idea if this will work?
Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,15:28
Is it a built in touchpad or a usm mouse? the scrolling will only work with /dev/psaux mice

The best bet would be to burn a CD and see if you can get it working from boot, then, if everything works you can do a HD-install

Posted by wrayal on Oct. 14 2003,16:45
It's one of the little bobble mice, that sit between the g,h&b buttons on the keyboad (I think it's those buttons). I would burn it and just try it, but its a massive pain to do that (for various reasons) if it isnt going to work.
Once again, massive respect to John! Keep up the good work! (Could we see a c++ compiler? I have tried tcc, but I am under the impression it only does C)


Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 14 2003,19:21
If it's built-in to your laptop it *should* work, however, you never know with linux.

also, gcc and g++ are pretty big, I can't think of any other compiler that would fit in a 50 meg CD other than tcc

Posted by nomasteryoda on Oct. 15 2003,15:13
What an awesome distro dudes!
Now for the real challenge:
Are there plans to add nesting type feature like Dyne:bolic? This nice little option can store preferences, cache, documents, cutomizations, whatever on a removable USB device, HD or floppy and detect those options when starting up. Shouldn't take up too much room... for more info < Dynebolic site >.


Posted by wiak on Oct. 16 2003,23:43
umm... can't find video adapter (error) but its working
have a oooooooooooold PCI video card ;P :p

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