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Topic: 0.5 is now available
started by: John

Posted by John on Nov. 13 2003,22:31
See the < notes > for details.
Posted by John on Nov. 13 2003,23:48
Unfortunately, it looks like the iso on the ibiblio mirror is corrupted, the md5sum does not match.  I am loading up a new iso now, but they usually take several days to transfer files over.  

If anybody is willing to host the latest iso now, please contact me -- you will take the brunt of downloads being the one to do the initial hosting.

john _at_ damnsmalllinux.org

Posted by John on Nov. 14 2003,15:21
For now, you can download the iso at < ftp://ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/Incoming >.  I've downloaded it and ran an md5sum, it's good.

It will be moving over to the damnsmall section at ibiblio their' schedule.  So make sure you download damnsmall-0.5_download_this_one.iso instead of damnsmall-0.5.iso.

If anyone is interested in why the iso is corrupted, it has to do with a bug I found in gftp.  You can read about it here:
< http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=220659 >

Posted by alien2thisworld on Nov. 19 2003,07:38
Hi John,

 This is Daniel Stickney from alien2thisworld.net, I was curious if you wanted me to add any other content to the DamnSmallLinux/ FTP directory besides v0.5 ...  like a few previous versions, or dpkg, etc?  If so, let me know..  otherwise from now on I'll just plan on keeping the latest 3 or so versions of DSL available there.

Posted by John on Nov. 20 2003,09:21
Hi Daniel, it would be nice to have the dpkg available as well.  Keeping the latest 3 sounds like a good approach.  Thanks!
Posted by hooji on Nov. 27 2003,11:14
why I still found the md5 checksum of dowloaded one is not consist to the md5 file (I use IE6).
Posted by John on Nov. 28 2003,00:40
Try to use an ftp program instead, MSIE in not very reliable when it comes to downloading large files.
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