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Topic: 0.5.2 now available
started by: John

Posted by John on Dec. 31 2003,01:49
I took into account some of the requested apps.
< grab it >
< changes >

Posted by l0st on Dec. 31 2003,10:44
No offence John but the server is CRAWLING at 1 KB/s
Ibiblio has the md5 but the ISO is missing

Posted by John on Dec. 31 2003,12:04
Yesterday it was moving slow too, but then earlier today I was getting 150KB/s, so I don't know what's happening with the mirror.  It is suppose to be an unmetered T1, maybe it's getting slammed with other activity?  

Alternatively, you could wait for Ibiblio, or one of the other mirrors.  Ibiblio will probably be a couple of days.

Posted by John on Dec. 31 2003,20:35
Well, the download from the mirror has slowed to a crawl now.  If anyone has the current iso hosted somewhere let me know.  I will hold off the announcement at freshmeat until Ibiblio updates.

For now you can download it from the incoming section at ibiblio:
< ftp://ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/Incoming/damnsmall-0.5.2.iso >

Posted by John on Jan. 01 2004,02:32
Ibiblio has updated.
< ftp://ibiblio.org/pub....5.2.iso >

Posted by sevengraff on Jan. 01 2004,03:14
Wow, these are some cool additions. How are you keeping it so small man?

Posted by John on Jan. 01 2004,10:13
If you have a hard ceiling you figure out how to squeeze more function out of a limited space.
Posted by JasonT on Jan. 01 2004,12:15
The man is a greek god I tell you. Or is reconfiguring the Matrix to keep this think under 50. Sheesh.
Posted by bluefreak on Jan. 02 2004,12:20
yay! my suggested app got in this release!
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