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started by: John

Posted by John on Mar. 10 2004,18:08
It looks like the current storage and bandwidth usage for this website is too great and I have until May 1 to find a new host.

Here is the requirements for this site:
between 100 and 200 MB of storage (it varies)
10-15 gigs of transfer month
the site must remain on it's own domain
shell access
scp/ftp access
an email account
no banners (but I will link to the host and give kudos)

If you are interested please email me john at

Posted by Grim on Mar. 11 2004,01:45
Code Sample

Bronze Package: $4.99/Month - $2.00 One time setup fee
Hard Disk Space                                  3 Gig
Bandwidth per month                          25 Gig
FTP/POP Accounts                                   100
MySQL Databases                                   15
Subdomains                                            5
Domain Alias (aka Domain Re-directing)        1
SMTP Server                                           yes
E-mail Forwarding                                    yes
E-mail Aliasing                                         yes
E-mail Auto Responder                               yes
Graphical Usage Statistics                          yes
(Webalizer *AND* Urchin)
Server Side Include (SSI/SHTML)               yes
PHP Scripting                                           yes
Perl (CGI)                                               yes
Unlimited FTP Access                                 yes
Web-based Control Panel                           yes
Server monitored 24/7                              yes
SSH Access                               Optional (Free)

Would that fix you up? ???

Posted by John on Mar. 11 2004,03:46
Grim, that is a very good price, have you used them?  Did you find them reliable?
Posted by Grim on Mar. 11 2004,07:12
No, I haven't actually used them yet.  I was planning on switching my site and my wife's over to them sometime this month, just haven't got around to it.

They seem fairly reasonable, and I thought it was a good deal.  If you switch before I do, let me know how it goes.

Posted by guido on Mar. 15 2004,21:59
Hi John,

Maybe this can help you....

< >

I use them for some clients with 100% :) !

Posted by bluefreak on Mar. 19 2004,06:50
i would like to help, john, but i have no idea. why not try to get a opensource project host? not like sourceforge, but im sure that someone will support this amazing project (and its rapidly growing website) for free.
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