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Topic: new release 0.6.3
started by: John

Posted by John on April 15 2004,02:39
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Some new apps:
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Posted by cbagger01 on April 15 2004,02:59

If you want to use the Synaptic install script with DSL version 0.6.3, please grab the latest version of the script here:

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Older versions of the script will not work with DSL 0.6.3

Posted by caulktel on April 16 2004,03:21
John,  The bash_profile script seems to be broken in .6.3. I have been putting my modprobe command for my opl3sa2 sound card there everysince you  first provided it, but now I can't seem to make it work. Got any ideas?


PS  I think it has something to do with it booting directly to the primary user account, which I really like that option.

Posted by roberts on April 16 2004,07:13
Best to put them in /opt/
Otherwise, when you do not use multi-user login you actually boot via root, so that means you could put them in .bash_profile for root. But it is better form to put in bootlocal.

Posted by caulktel on April 16 2004,15:31
Hey Thanks Robert,

That worked great, I will make a note of that for future reference. BTW, .6.3 is great! I love that online dictionary, what a cool feature.


Posted by caulktel on April 16 2004,21:20
Robert, Another thing, where would you stick the command "wmapm", so that it starts when the xsever starts? I tried xinitrc, but that didn't work, yet I had it working on .6.2, I just can't remember where I put before.


Posted by loupgarou21 on April 19 2004,18:53
Wow, I'm impressed and I havn't even finished downloading it yet.
Posted by roberts on April 20 2004,15:09
Joel, Sorry I didn't see your post, until now. X programs should still be put into /home/damnsmall/.xinitrc and before the final line which starts fluxbox. I just tried this using 0.6.3 hdinstall with single user direct login. It worked fine. I added rxvt & just before the fluxbox line.
Posted by caulktel on April 21 2004,03:37
Robert,  Thanks again, I didn't know that it had to go before  the FluxBox line, all    
is well now and I am putting all this in one place so I can find it again when I upgrade next time. I really appreciate all your help.


Posted by b1381 on May 02 2004,20:09
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