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Topic: 0.8 is out!
started by: John

Posted by John on Aug. 27 2004,07:01
Lots (no, even more than that) of under the hood changes and tweaks by Robert; an integrated compressed application system also by Robert; an improved MyDSL gui by me; and Ke4nt has done many hours of testing and a ton of repository/extension work.
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Aug. 27 2004,13:10
w00t!! gotta d/l it before school!!!

wow and first post? :p


Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 27 2004,13:43
Thanks, peeples!

edit: typo on the website, both on the main page and notes.  Unless the name has been changed for DSL, the new app is "XCruiser"

Posted by Deeek on Aug. 27 2004,14:55
Woohooo!!!  Thanks guys; love the distro.

<--------- EDIT ----------------->

People, stop downloading it, my download rate is small :(

Posted by Alisdair Kelly on Aug. 27 2004,15:02
Cool beans! Looks like a real winner and that I may have to scrub my hdd clean and start things from scratch with a better base!
Posted by Another typo on the Notes page on Aug. 27 2004,15:29
Quote (mikshaw @ Aug. 27 2004,09:43)
edit: typo on the website, both on the main page and notes.  Unless the name has been changed for DSL, the new app is "XCruiser"

0.7.2 is listed as the version number w/ the 0.7.3 release notes.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Aug. 27 2004,16:20
um, minor problem.

the NIC on my notebook doesn't work w/0.8, but it did with everything since 0.5.something.

it is a Broadcom 440x 10/100

but, the good news is, the cardmgr works with my carbus slot! now, if i only had a nic...


Posted by caulktel on Aug. 27 2004,20:04
Does anybody know if the Linksys wpc 11 V.4 Wireless card will work .8.0? I haven't had the time to yard my hard drive out of my laptop yet for the install, but I really like this release. Thanks to everyone that contributed to it.


Posted by TyphoonMentat on Aug. 27 2004,21:29
For the WPC11v4, I believe you need ndiswrapper and the Realtek 8180 WinXP drivers.
Posted by roberts on Aug. 28 2004,06:46
Just a note to say that the mydsl desktop icon has an "add drives" option at the bottom of the screen. Using this will allow you to download the extensions to a hard drive instead of the ramdisk. It also allows you to load from local storage instead of downloading each time. Another improvement is that an internet connection is no longer required to use the program. So, use it to access your local storage of all the great extensions that you have accumulated.

Also, for best results, please use the "exit click and run" button to nicely exit the program.

Posted by ripcrd6 on Aug. 30 2004,05:23
tried 0.8 this evening on my desktop PC and it would not boot. It froze on the isolinux screen.  I was using a CDRW 185MB disk.  It may have been bad.  I will reburn tomorrow on a fresh disk.
Posted by Donovan on Sep. 02 2004,04:00
New distro looks great.  Thanks for the work. Quick question,
though:  where do I find Firefox?

Posted by dukkieduk on Sep. 02 2004,04:19
Hi all,

Who can confirm these problems with 0.8:
1. starting ssh deamon,
then #sudo passwd root -> error not possible to change the password...
#sudo passwd dsl -> error not possible to change the password...
same problem occurs also for ftp server...
2. I tried to modify the iso, ( same why like i did for .7.3, add /optional in the root directory of the cd image and fill it with dsl packages)
when i start my machine with this cd it stop directly after lilo, telling me that the checksum is not correct...
i tried again the 0.7.3 and it works, i burn the original iso 0.8 and it also boots...
Anyone has an idea what may has changed between 0.7.3 and 0.8 at boot ?


Posted by cbagger01 on Sep. 02 2004,05:05
It's a bug in the new version.

I did a search for keywords

ssh password

and searched all forums, from the beginning or newer.

Here is the thread with the workaround:

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....assword >

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