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Topic: Mostly gone until Oct. 1
started by: John

Posted by John on Sep. 23 2003,05:20
I am not going to be able to put my 2 cents in much during  the next several days because I just can't squeeze the time away from some other matters.

Look for me to post  more in October...

Posted by Bruno on Sep. 23 2003,23:25
Congrats with your new forum John !! Looks great !
( so does the 0.4.8 )

:cool: Bruno

Posted by quint on Sep. 25 2003,13:28
Congratulations!! You have a fine looking forum...and a terrific "mini-distro"; DSL 0.4.8 is one of my Linux OS "keepers".
Posted by randy on Sep. 28 2003,06:52
yea the forums look really nice - this is going to be a great way for us to communicate.
Posted by wiak on Sep. 28 2003,18:37
whoo! his back Wednesday! :laugh:
Posted by arkaoss on Oct. 02 2003,19:05
Are you back yet? We need you man!! let us know where we can help? any one wanna setup an IRC chatroom?
Posted by demonic_furbie on Oct. 03 2003,00:02
Quote (arkaoss @ Oct. 02 2003,15:05)
Are you back yet? We need you man!! let us know where we can help? any one wanna setup an IRC chatroom?

ive started a room on dalnet called #damnsmall
Posted by John on Oct. 03 2003,00:11
Thank you to everybody who have helped  answer other users' questions.  Honestly, I get overwhelmed with questions -- sometimes as much as 30 emails a day.  There is no way I can do a good job at answering all of them.  That's part of the reason why I put up this board.  I am hoping users will help out each other -- it seems to be working so far.

Also, as I said at the Distro Watch interview, I am not a guru.  So, users helping each other will go a lot further than me answering questions on my own.

Posted by randy on Oct. 03 2003,00:17
welcome back


Posted by wiak on Oct. 03 2003,08:16
John. You must read my mail hehe :laugh:
and the forum it better then email :p

Posted by arkaoss on Oct. 10 2003,22:00
dalnet .. will try to check that out!! woot!! I'm just finished a linux class this week ( i was/am a newb!) but now Have some ideas.. really really whizzo ideas on how I can do stuff..  so I'll prolly show up there to chat!
Posted by Dakrone on Oct. 10 2003,22:37
Don't go to the Dalnet one :D come to the freenode one, besides, on freenode you can also hang out in #debian etc :)

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