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Topic: 0.4.10 is out
started by: John

Posted by John on Oct. 22 2003,04:26
< Notes > :)
Posted by wiak on Oct. 22 2003,10:53
cool! install on laptop now i tink new x server is better and the old on my laggy video card with dsl :p
Posted by eza on Oct. 22 2003,11:55
Quote (John @ Oct. 22 2003,00:26)
< Notes > :)

how to upgrade on 0.4.8 the X servers & config tool to have USB mouse and wheel mouse working ?

I have a 0.4.8 installed on my hard drive and I want to upgrade just X.

Thanks for your works !

Posted by klassik on Oct. 22 2003,21:07
I'm new to linux.  So bear with me.  How do I upgrade my HDD install of DSL?
Posted by alien2k on Oct. 23 2003,00:27
Quote (klassik @ Oct. 22 2003,22:07)
I'm new to linux.  So bear with me.  How do I upgrade my HDD install of DSL?

I don't think you can. John has said there is no way of doing it smoothly, which is a shame. I'm hoping he will post somewhere on this forum on how to switch the old KDrive servers for the new ones. Mounting the compressed image inside the ISO over a network (try doing that on Windows!) is relatively easy, so accessing the files isn't a problem for me. I just don't want to break anything. Actually, thinking about the fact that you can mount the image, maybe John could make a small script that would mount the image then copy the required files across. Not sure how well this would work with X running, though.


Posted by randy on Oct. 26 2003,00:05
kool, a bit better - lean and mean.  works nice on my laptop.
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