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Topic: Go grab 0.5.1 :)
started by: John

Posted by John on Dec. 09 2003,04:18
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/notes.html >
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/dsl-0.5.1.png >
< http://cross.prupref.com/dsl/file/damnsmall-0.5.1.iso >
cd7b2dbc452ff5945d4c8317c61ce0f damnsmall-0.5.1.iso

Posted by bluefreak on Dec. 09 2003,06:55
yay! new dsl.

john, could you update the main page... it sorely needs it. i think just posting the new screenshot would do.

oh, and moving the latest ver thingy to the top might be a good idea, cuz its quite unnoticeable.

Posted by sevengraff on Dec. 09 2003,07:16
Getting it now. What version of FluxBox does this put us at?
Posted by DrWatt on Dec. 09 2003,07:25
All set up. Seems to be working fine so far.  Configured my printer and it works. Did the apt-get update etc etc. I sort of miss Nedit, but I like the new one too. Oh yeah am staying with the stable version in sources.list this time (so far).
Posted by DrWatt on Dec. 09 2003,07:27
Also made myself a different user than damnsmall and it seems to work. Kept damnsmall as a guest login. Nice to be able to protect my files now from guests. Thanks guys. :D
Posted by TyphoonMentat on Dec. 09 2003,20:02
John, you're a machine with these new releases, I don't know how you manage them so quick! I'm expecting 0.5.2 at least within 10 minutes or so :p
Posted by John on Dec. 09 2003,23:34
Thanks, actually expect a very soon there are a couple of minor bugs to fix.  0.5.2 is going to take a little while.
Posted by johnmarranca on Dec. 10 2003,01:17

Thank you for your dedication in producing such a FINE Linux distro.

Your efforts AREN'T unappreciated.


Posted by John on Dec. 10 2003,08:04
Thanks John, it hasn't been without help.
Posted by Delboy on Dec. 10 2003,16:12
Hello John,
DSL is a terrific project.  In your current site 'notes' for 0.5.1, you list some work Peter Sieg has done on the install script for low RAM systems.  Is this the same fix for the Help thread concerning laptop HD installs hanging after a few minutes of loading files that you posted around Dec.1st?  Hope so - I couldn't figure out how to implement that needed advice.
Keep up the good work.

Posted by donan71 on Dec. 12 2003,15:05
As always an awesome update.
Posted by fhfhfof on Dec. 13 2003,14:04
I think that the 0.5.x releases should be named 0.8.x, or even 0.9.x or 1.x. They're good enough.
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