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Topic: made some forum changes
started by: John

Posted by John on Dec. 13 2003,01:13
I finally got around to modifying the forums a bit.  Hopefully they will seem a bit more organized and to everyone's liking.
Posted by ImNotHere on Dec. 13 2003,11:37
I think there are too many messageboards now... but ok  ???
Posted by John on Dec. 13 2003,12:18
What was happening is that help topics were falling down the list too fast and the same questions would get repeated by different users.  By breaking the help section up there will be less dupes.  BTW, the water cooler forum was your idea.
Posted by ImNotHere on Dec. 14 2003,03:16
Yeah, I guess so, now the only problem is I have loads of things to look through, would it be possible to have a sidebar that has recent activity in the fourms? (Eg < here >) It might make things a bit faster, or I can stfu if that would be easier too.
Posted by skaos on Dec. 15 2003,12:01
I agree with ImNotHere; for those looking for answers it is great, for those of us trying to help, it takes more time to go through all the topics. Is it possible to make a new topic ('Everything'?) that lists every thread in chronological order (not allowing new threads to be made)?
Posted by John on Dec. 15 2003,15:09
There is the "New Posts" link at the top for logged in forum members which shows all the new posts in one index.
Posted by ImNotHere on Dec. 15 2003,22:35
Cool! I did not know of that..
Anyways I guess its better this way becuase most of the time my advice ends up hurting people more than it helps....

Posted by hasty on Dec. 15 2003,22:45
Excellent just tried it.
Thats a really cool feature.
Like most peple I never bother with the small print.......:D

Posted by hasty on Dec. 15 2003,22:46
Or the spelling ......
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