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Topic: 0.6 is ready
started by: John

Posted by John on Feb. 17 2004,07:36
All the mirrors are now updated.  I want everyone to know that Robert Shingledecker is responsible for virtually all the improvements in this release.  He really did an amazing job.

For details check out:
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/notes.html >

Or, just go download it:
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/download.html >

Posted by l0st on Feb. 17 2004,14:14
Dsl has finally detected my NIC and now I can use DSL unaided by VMWARE!11
OH JOY! It will be on my harddrive in no time.

Posted by TyphoonMentat on Feb. 17 2004,16:00
Thanks for the new release :)
However, if the dpkg program is installed with the dpkg-restore script, wouldn't that mean you'd have to do a dpkg-restore before you could install any .deb packages while running from CD? I think there are some scripts out there that download the .deb and extract it with dpkg -x to /home/damnsmall or /opt, and these wouldn't work without a dpkg-restore first (or would they?).

Posted by John on Feb. 17 2004,17:47
One of the things Robert did was to make the dpkg restoration process restore not just the dpkk/ folder but all the dpkg* and apt* utilities.  They are quite bulky, and we saved some space by doing it this way.
Posted by Modrak on Feb. 17 2004,21:05
Whoo I had 0.6 yesterday morning but error with ISO so I downloaded again at 17:45 and it's the best !!! New kernel...WHEEHAA SUPA DUPA
Posted by Del on Feb. 18 2004,06:10
Huzzah! Now my soundcard works!

Guess I'll quit diddling with upgrading the kernel, and get to writing up the DSL Remastering Howto.

Posted by Rapidweather on Feb. 18 2004,13:47
Soundcard works? Gee, I gotta try it now!
Posted by loupgarou21 on Feb. 18 2004,23:16
just installed 0.6, installed beautifully and so far I'm pretty happy with it.  one problem so far (unfortunately I wasn't paying enough attention to what I was doing so this won't be real descriptive,) when I first did 'sudo dpkg-restore' I got a message saying something like '/usr/sbin/dpkg-install.sh not found' and then restore would quit, I tried it a couple of more times to make sure it wasn't a one time fluke, then I went in search of dpkg-install.sh and never found it. After a while I decided to try 'sudo dpkg-restore' again and it installed just fine.  This time I was in /sbin when I ran it, the first time I was in /home/damnsmall

Just thought I would drop a note in here about it.

[edit]Oh, just thought of one more thing, when it worked I also had the dsl cd mounted, the first time I didn't, not sure if that would make a difference[/edit]

Posted by Modrak on Feb. 19 2004,20:01
I'm trying to play my music on my favourite player (mpg123) and whoops...nothing happens, only this error
Code Sample

damnsmall@box # mpg123 /mnt/hda2/music/fun/romale.mp3
No default libao driver available.

ogg123 is doing the same (with ogg files of course)
As I read the forum, I see that some people get their sound-cards working for example on Epia M10000.
I thing the bug is in the new (bad configured/unconfigurable) driver.

Posted by Del on Feb. 21 2004,04:36
Quote (Modrak @ Feb. 19 2004,07:01)
As I read the forum, I see that some people get their sound-cards working for example on Epia M10000.

Ya, it works on my M10k. Haven't tried DSL on my "real" box yet, so I can't help there.'s audio worked on the big machine (it's a soyo dragon ultra-platinum)(ooh, shiny), but not on the Epia.

Posted by Puto on Feb. 21 2004,13:38
Does DSL 0.6 has a 2.6 linux kernel? OR does it still use an old 2.4 kernel??
Posted by TyphoonMentat on Feb. 21 2004,15:51
It uses the 2.4 kernel still.
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