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Topic: 0.7.2
started by: John

Posted by John on July 09 2004,03:02
Its now availible.
< http://ibiblio.org/pub....7.2.iso >
cc2522c6184c61baa04594f5a86d4a0c  dsl-0.7.2.iso

Posted by roberts on July 09 2004,03:43
Please read the notes in the change log. There is a difference in how the file backup work. Always edit the filetool.lst in the home directory.

This means if you have been using the backup system. Then copy your existing filetool.lst from the backup device into the home directory. Also be sure that the filetool.lst is listed in the files to be backed up. See the new default filetool.lst in the home directory.

You may want to backup your backup.tar.gz and try the system out.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on July 09 2004,03:52
damn my slow connection!!

i'll have to break in to my school to download it...  :angry:

Posted by clivesay on July 09 2004,04:37
"MyDSL Click and Load" is pretty damn slick, robert. Nice job!!

Glad I have a broadband connection! :-)

Take care


Posted by roberts on July 09 2004,05:30
Chris,  you can thank John for the myDSL click and load program. It is very cool!
Posted by clivesay on July 09 2004,05:57
My apologies, John!

That is a very nice feature to have. With cbagger's great creation script it won't be long until that is a scrolling page! smilie

I appreciate the attention to the whole "damnsmall" thing. That effort will open up some opportunities for the distro, I'm sure!

Posted by John on July 09 2004,06:22
The gui wrapper (browser + perl socket script) is really the simple part after Robert did the work to develop the MyDSL system.
Posted by raoulg on July 09 2004,09:58
Excellent work!
I looove that version!

Now, with "MyDSL Click&Load", we can install extensions "fingers in the noise" :cool:
THanks a lot!

Posted by raoulg on July 09 2004,10:00
Ah, sorry I forgot:

"fingers in the noise" means "easily" :p


Posted by thesumis41666 on Aug. 02 2004,19:05
yes, the new mydsl page is awexome! now only if dsl recognized winmodems.
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