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Topic: 0.7.3 is now available
started by: John

Posted by John on July 29 2004,00:48
This is my favorite release so far.  Thank you Robert for all the great innovation, and thank you Ke4nt for all the thorough testing.
Posted by ke4nt1 on July 29 2004,04:42
I agree...  
So far, it's so schweet...
It just works.....    everything is working fine..

Good work folks!!


Posted by vabene04 on July 29 2004,08:13
I got a problem with automatic starting. DSL 7.3 does not recognize my mouses (usba and ps/2) and it does not start! When i start with dsl xsetup... everything ist o.k.
Posted by roberts on July 29 2004,15:50
Oh boy, two mouses, yes we have seen that one. How does one use two mouses?
Posted by cbagger01 on July 29 2004,16:53
One in each hand :-)

On a more serious note, soimetimes there are laptops with built in pointers and external usb/ps2 mouse connected.  Both are active, but the user chooses to use the usb/ps2 mouse.

By both being active, it is possible to move the pointer with either device.

If it is not possible to have both devices active at the same time, I do not know how DSL could decide which mouse is the "preferred" mouse. A Random Number Generator, perhaps?

Posted by roberts on July 29 2004,17:15
Oh, and when they plug in a larger external keyboard, and a larger external monitor to the laptop. Then which one(s) to use?

In this case, use dsl xsetup and then add the file created /home/dsl/.xserverc to the filetool.lst and you won't have to keep setting up X upon each boot.. Which is the way it was prior to 0.7.3.

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on July 30 2004,02:55
I'll have to be careful and get it at work tomorrow.

sutpid dialup deamons...

Posted by vabene04 on July 30 2004,12:08
Whats the problem with 2 mouses? With these - usb and ps2 - i can work with all linuxes. Did you ever try slax? Do you know about the problems with mices there? OK - with these 2 i got no problems.
But the Problem with autostarting dsl-7.3 is very simular and its real. When autostart does not work, for what is it good?
The good thing: all my dsl inclusive synaptic are working fine.

Posted by John on July 30 2004,15:50
> for what is it good?
It is only an issue if you have 2 mice plugged into your system at once.  Try disconnecting one of them first.

Posted by vabene04 on July 30 2004,19:58
why? I got no problems with that in dsl 7.2 or in other distros. Idont understand why dsl 7.3 tries to start with a serial mouse - i have a usb- and a ps/2 mouse. its only strange. when i start with dsl xsetup i can choose usb or ps-2-mouse and it works.
Posted by TyphoonMentat on July 30 2004,20:07
It's due to the autodetection, which is based on a simple moral: if it doesn't work for you, don't use it. You say you have no problems with 0.7.2 and earlier, but that's because they don't use autodetection - 0.7.3 does, and if you have problems, just leave it alone.
Posted by roberts on July 30 2004,20:25
No need to go back to a prior version. It is really quite simple to bypass, use dsl xsetup
Posted by SaidinUnleashed on July 31 2004,04:41
Yay! got 7.3 downloaded at work.

only 1 teeny-weenie problem.

it still dies (stops loading completely) when it tries to load up the cardbus slots on my laptop. (dell inspiron 8600)

stupid cardmgr... but, what i don't understand, is why Knoppix 3.4 doesn't die on it.


EDIT: figured it out. Knoppix uses cardmgr 3.2.5

just ignore me, i'm kinda being an idiot tonight.


Posted by roberts on July 31 2004,22:51
First Dell i845 video and now Dell cardbus. Is Dell getting too proprietary?  "Dude you got a Dell".  Yikes!
Posted by TyphoonMentat on Aug. 01 2004,09:31
Their support isn't great either, you tend to get someone who knows less about your problem than you and treats you as though it's exactly the opposite ???
Wasn't i845 created and patented by Intel?

Posted by roberts on Aug. 01 2004,16:29
Yes i810, i845 are Intel but mostly we see issues show up concerning it in Dell.
I have a Sony Vaio, an old one, and it uses i810 video and I get by with 800x600.

Posted by thesumis41666 on Aug. 02 2004,18:59
will dsl .7.3 have problems with winmodems still? thats what i have, and  i can never connect to the internet in .7.2 or .6.3 it makes for a muted experience.  is it possible to make a program or configure dsl to recognise it?
Posted by ke4nt1 on Aug. 02 2004,19:58
Nope...   never has..  it's called a winmodem for a reason.

Some linux support available for a few models..

Easier to get a real modem, than to try to compile a driver for it.


Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Aug. 03 2004,05:54
Quote (ke4nt1 @ Aug. 02 2004,14:58)
Easier to get a real modem, than to try to compile a driver for it.

or a pcmcia modem and a IDE pcmcia slot adapter.

about the same $$$ and controller modems are getting hard to find.

Fry's only has 2. one ISA. one PCI.

*weeps for *nix users*


Posted by davide on Aug. 03 2004,07:58
I haven't been watching this site for a month or so, and now I'm back and I've seen the latest release...wow..so cool!
I just want to say thanks to all folks who worked this out, It's a  great job, very complete and usefull!
John and the other guys are really keeping up the good work!



Posted by cbagger01 on Aug. 08 2004,03:14

If you are purchasing a Dell computer, your best bet is to find one that can be ordered with "Red Hat Enterprise Linux" pre-installed as an option.

In general, if the computer works with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, it should also work with debian/knoppix/dsl.

My Dell PowerEdge 400sc works fine, with one exception:

The integrated sound chipset only seems to work with ALSA drivers, so no sound with DSL.

However, even the sound works with knoppix if you type "knoppix alsa" at the boot prompt.

I had to chuckle when I could not install Windoze XP without special Intel NIC drivers from the web site and I obviously could not connect to the web site without a NIC.  So the only way to get them was to boot up DSL (the network card was autodetected) and download the XP drivers and then burn them to a CD using GCombust.

Personally, I think that Intel should be slapped around for producing a video chipset that does not support the INDUSTRY STANDARD Vesa display modes.

I'm not one for crazy conspiracy theories, but it seems strange that the 1 video mode that is supported by this chipset (640 x 480 x 16) also happens to be the Microsoft Windoze initial boot screen resolution. Hmm...

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