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started by: John

Posted by John on Sep. 03 2004,04:19
Looks like the database for this forum is getting corrupted.  I am going to attempt a migration to MySQL, hopefully we do not lose any data.
Posted by John on Sep. 03 2004,08:03
Posted by henk1955 on Sep. 03 2004,08:07
did you just a restore of the database?


Posted by John on Sep. 03 2004,08:16
Yes.  I've imported the db into MySQL.  I am hoping this will fix the registration issues.
Posted by AwPhuch on Sep. 03 2004,21:52
Dont forget the backups...hehe


Posted by RoGuE_StreaK on Sep. 29 2004,00:56
Looks like the t-shirt discussion part of the database isn't working?  Keep getting errors trying to connect to it.
Posted by John on Sep. 29 2004,01:34
What's the URL?
Posted by clacker on Sep. 29 2004,01:46
It looks like the polls aren't working.  I looked at

< >

and it didn't work.

Posted by John on Sep. 29 2004,04:25
okay, that one is fixed
Posted by chibiace on Sep. 29 2004,23:56
damn....... i was hoping you would move it to phpbb too >.< oh well...... perhaps it cant convert from IkonBoard 3....
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